Turn by Turn Itinerary

There are those that have asked about my run itinerary and I’ve created a turn by turn list of directions, supplied below. After a few recon missions, I settled on a route that was as direct as possible, but as far from dangerous car traffic as I could get, which admittedly, wasn’t always easy. I’ve taken the appropriate precautions by running against traffic and making myself visible with morning lights, a flag, and reflective pinwheels duct taped to the front of my stroller. With all that said, I’ve found nothing short of hitting a brick wall will get the attention of a texting driver (PS – PLEASE DON’T EVER BE ONE OF THOSE)…so if you know of friends and family in the areas I’ll be running, feel free to alert them to my travel routes.

DUNES TO RENSSELAER – DAY 1 – Sunday, August 23rd

Dunes State Park
SOUTH on N CR 25E (out of park)
RIGHT on Calumet Trail
LEFT on Waverly Rd.
– sharp curve in town onto Wabash
RIGHT on S 8th St.
RIGHT on W. Porter Ave.
LEFT on S 11st St.
Turns into MERIDIAN RD.
Turns into N. Campbell st.
Curves into Indiana Ave.
RIGHT onto S. Washington St. (2)
LEFT onto Smoke Rd.
RIGHT onto 8
LEFT onto S 250 W
Turns into N 400 W
RIGHT onto W 600 N
LEFT onto N 450 W
RIGHT onto 14
LEFT onto 231 into Rensselaer
RIGHT onto Merritt Rd.
– curves into Jefferson
RIGHT on 114
Out to Holiday Inn Express
4788 Nesbitt Dr.
Rensselaer, IN

RENSSELAER TO LAFAYETTE – DAY 2 – Monday, August 24th

LEFT onto 114
114 to 421
RIGHT onto 421
turns into 43
– past 65
LEFT onto Burnetts Rd.
RIGHT onto N 9th St.
Left onto South St.
Out to Towneplace Suites
163 Frontage Rd.
Lafayette, IN 47905

LAFAYETTE TO KOKOMO – DAY 3 – Tuesday, August 25th

LEFT onto 26
LEFT on N 550 E
– curves into E 100 N
RIGHT onto S 500 W
LEFT onto 26 into Rossville
LEFT onto N CO RD. 330 W
RIGHT onto W 800 S
– turns into E CO RD. 1000 N
LEFT onto 29
RIGHT onto E 750 S
– turns into COUNTY RD. W 250 S
– towards New London
Turns into W ALTO RdD.
Soft RIGHT onto E ALTO RD.
– past 931
RIGHT onto CARTWRIGHT DR. to Albany Dr. to Holiday Inn Express
511 Albany Drive
Kokomo, IN 46904

KOKOMO TO INDIANAPOLIS – DAY 4 – Wednesday, August 26th

SOUTH on 931
RIGHT on 26
– turns into N 900 W
– turns into W DITCH RD. (dead ends)
RIGHT on 6 Points Rd.
– turns onto W 193rd St.
– turns into Spring Mill Rd.
LEFT onto 32
RIGHT onto Westfield Park Rd. (before 31)
Connects to MONON TRAIL
To Downtown Circle


CIRCLE to Meridian South
RIGHT on South St.
LEFT on KY ave.
RIGHT on Morris
LEFT on Harding
– turns into 67 towards Martinsville
LEFT on 39
– bends in Martinsville
SOFT LEFT onto Burton Ln.
– past 37
– curves into Jordan Rd.
RIGHT on Liberty Loop Rd.
LEFT on E Hacker Creek Rd.
to OLD SR 37
to 37 (short portion)
to OLD SR 37
– into Hindustan
– into Dolan
LEFT on Walnut
onto College into Center Square

BLOOMINGTON TO SEYMOUR – DAY 6 – Friday, August 28th

46 to 446
RIGHT onto 446
LEFT on 58
– into zelma
– into norman
– into kurtz
LEFT on 135
– towards Freetown
RIGHT on W Columbus Pike (58/258)
– to acme
– to cortland
– into Seymour
RIGHT on 11
LEFT on 50
LEFT at Circle K before 65 to hotel
Fairfield Inn & Suites
327 N Sandy Creek Dr.
Seymour, IN

SEYMOUR TO LOUISVILLE – DAY 7 – Saturday, August 29th

LEFT on 50
RIGHT onto 31
31 to Veteran’s PKWY
RIGHT on Veteran’s PKWY
LEFT on Hamburg Pike
– turns into Spring St.
– runs to river
RIGHT at river to Big 4 Pedestrian Bridge.

7 days. 368 miles +/-. As close to $50,000 as we can get!

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