Taper Tantrum

It would be misleading to say I’m having a tantrum about this last week of tapering leading into my Ultra Run. After so many months of mileage buildup, culminating in a 100 mile and 95 mile week, I’m ready to let my body rest and heal before starting down the state of Indiana. I’ll need every bit of reserved strength I can manage. So, during this last week of tapering, I’m solidifying all the final logistics for the Because We Can run, like turn by turn directions, hotel accommodations, fueling needs, and securing the various supplies I’ll packing into my stroller and pushing for 350 miles. With that said…I could not have pulled this off without some help regarding the bigger logistics and I want to give recognition to those that assisted me.


Some people have asked if I’m pulling over on the side of the road and setting up camp…and no…definitely not. I’ll be stopping in cities at the end of each day to shower, relax, refuel and get ready for the next day. I was fortunate to have rooms donated or discounted to me in a few of the cities and they deserve recognition.

In Rensselaer, Indiana, the Holiday Inn Express donated a room to the fundraiser.
In Lafayette, Indiana, the Towneplace Suites offered me a severely discounted room to recharge.
In Bloomington, Indiana, my friends and sponsors, UGO Bars, are putting me up for the night.
In Kokomo, Indiana, the Holiday Inn Express, again, donated a room to the fundraiser run.

I didn’t find such support and generosity in every city and every location I asked, so I’m incredibly grateful for these hotels and friends for setting me up for the night. The time I’ll be taking at each stop to get ready for the next day will be just as important as the time I spend running on the road. Please consider supporting them in return should you need their services in the future.


One of my main concerns for completing this run successfully will be fueling properly with the expected heat and humidity that defines the state of Indiana in August. I’ve been fortunate to become connected to GU Energy Labs who have helped fuel me with energy gels and electrolyte drink mixes during my training and into my actual ultra run. I’ve used their products for years and feel confident I’ll be able to fend off dehydration and nutrient depletion during the more difficult days under the sun.

I’ve also had great friends at the ever expanding energy bar company, UGO Bars, and they’ve been great supporters of me and my run. I’ll be staying with them in Bloomington and probably stuffing my face with some ANutters while I crash on their couch (Hope you don’t mind Tracy and Rebecca!).


I was really concerned about having some sort of stroller or trailer to use while running down the state when I first started organizing this run, and when a potential new product out West couldn’t come through, I started asking local shops about discount potentials. Going beyond my expectations, The Bike Line in Broad Ripple not only offered me a trailer, they purchased it for me outright. To have the trailer was not only a concern off my shoulders, but it also allowed me to start training and getting used to it immediately. I’m so grateful to have a high-quality Burley trailer to push down the sometimes not so smooth shoulders of the Indiana roads. I have no doubt this is going to get me to Louisville without problem and I’m so appreciative that The Bike Line stepped up to help out.

And, of course, one can’t really put in hundreds and hundreds of miles of training and ultra running without something sufficient on their feet. The local rep with Saucony Shoes came forward to help me have the right shoes (and shorts) to train in for the preceding months and a couple pairs to use on the run itself. I’ve been super happy with my Triumphs and look forward to wearing them out over the coming 350 miles!

This isn’t to diminish the assistance and support I’ve received from everyone else as well…as every supportive word and encouragement has helped me psychologically prepare for both the excitement and potential difficulty that is to come. I’m privileged to know everyone I’ve come to connect with over the past year.

Thanks for everything friends…it’s almost time to put all this support, physical and emotional, to the test!

One response to “Taper Tantrum

  1. Enjoy your taper – maybe chill out in a pool or lake for a few days! Looking forward to reading about your excellent adventure! Good luck!

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