Purchase now at

Purchase now at

I guess you can’t say you’ve done everything in life until you’ve “gone viral”. Consider that box checked.

Long story short, this idea came to me while on a long drive somewhere and it instantly struck me that it was one of those CAN’T LOSE ideas. I just KNEW people would eat this up. But…there is just TOO MUCH STUFF in the world, so I decided not to actually turn this idea into a t-shirt image. But then people were asking if I was going to make something for my Family Reach fundraiser, and instead of making something that would only appeal to my close connections, I figured it was best to dig this up from my deep deep well of archived “good ideas I’ll never implement”. At first, I hoped this would appeal to a handful of people outside my closer circles, but when I teased my instagram with the image, MANY people responded. I decided to make an initial order of 100+ shirts and run with it, but little did I know where the image itself would run.

And it went viral.

My friends bought up the first batch of shirts in the initial 24 hours, but during that time, the image got shared…again…and again and again…

And it’s still going.

Fortunately, I have smart, helpful friends and one of them stepped up to help me get a page built for pre-ordering the shirt. During all that, it kept getting shared amongst friends, strangers, on Facebook groups, via Instagram, and then on Canadian radio station Facebook pages. Honestly, who knows how else it got around, but I got an influx of orders from Australia…so there’s that.

As I type this, orders keep coming in through my email…again and again and again. I have something of a nightmare of fulfilling these orders soon, but it’s going to be worth it because,

This is for Family Reach. This is for my fundraiser that I’m conducting through October, just before I go under for my third surgery. Mind you, ZERO of this money is for me. Every last penny goes to Family reach for the work they do in assisting patients and families during the financially troubling aspects of managing cancer and treatment. I’m just thrilled to be in the position that I can benefit their work.

There will be more information about Family Reach and my partnership with them soon. I’ve just been connected to one of the families they have supported and you will soon learn about an amazing child who is inspiring me through the coming months leading into my run.

And you’ll surely understand why their work is so important and feel THAT MUCH BETTER about buying one of these shirts. Cats are awesome, yes, but expressing your love of cats while directly helping families who are facing cancer, in less fortunate circumstances than yourself, is icing on the cake, or fresh cat food in the bowl, or purrs in your lap…or whatever.

Please consider being totally Pawsome (I had to) and sharing the sale of this shirt for my Family Reach fundraiser.



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