Because We Can – Yoga!


4 responses to “Because We Can – Yoga!

  1. No hippie stuff here. lol

  2. Nice job on the poses! Whenever I do yoga, I think “this is hard” and want to give up. But that’s why I need it – to get stronger/more flexible and then it won’t be as hard (some day). 🙂

    • Pete, admittedly, these were quick, forced poses for the video…I try harder in class. 🙂 If you can find someone who teaches Ashtanga…take that. Holy crap, it’s a serious strengthening and flexibility class. Sometimes we had to cut the series short because everyone was fatiguing and couldn’t keep it together. I’ve gotten noticeably stronger in my upper body and core after taking the class…and don’t quiver anymore when the class is over. 🙂

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