Kid Runner

I’m doing this run down the state self-supported, which means I won’t have an aid vehicle following along, carrying supplies, or offering any assistance as I make my way from city to city, so it follows that I’ll be pushing OR PULLING my supplies with me. Fortunately, I have a halfway stop in my hometown of Indianapolis, allowing me to carry only enough to get me through the first four days before having to load up for the rest.

Initially, I was planning on contacting a jogging stroller/bike trailer company and soliciting for a donation, which I would donate to a family when the run is completed, and that still might be the final plan of action, but recently another option came to my attention.

Back when I was doing a healthy dose of “Run Commuting” I had the coffee enabled idea to create a pull behind trailer for carrying my work supplies, instead of stuffing clothes, shoes, breakfast, coffee, etc., into a backpack that bounced and swung around my back, altering my gait and sometimes leaving raw, worn and bloody marks at the contact points on my back. This seemed like a no-brainer and I was confused as to why no one had made a running specific trailer yet. I couldn’t shake the idea from my head and started building a prototype of my own from PVC pipe, a backpacking waist belt, and various lengths of bendable metal tubing. When it came to attaching wheels, however, I was at a loss and the idea got shelved as life distractions took over.

It’s too bad, because I was going to call it the Rick Roll (as in Rickshaw + Rolling = Rickroll!), which has so many hilarious marketing potentials.

Recently I decided to bring my prototype back out and see what I could make of it, but no sooner than I drug it out of the corner of my basement, I came across THIS!


That is the Kid Runner, a pull behind trailer meant to pull a child…or anything you can fit into the carriage, without restricting your running gait or causing you to lose arm movement. I knew I couldn’t have been the only one with this idea, and it simply took someone with the right financial connections to, well, run with it! I’m glad someone did, because my idea was just a fun experiment.

Coming across this prototype and soon to launch Kickstarter campaign right when I was formulating my Because We Can ultra run was perfect synthesis. I need a trailer to run with and Kid Runner is small enough to need more exposure for this product, and runners to show what can be accomplished with a pull behind trailer. I thought I’d give it a shot and sent them an email, explaining my plans and asking if they would be interested in a collaboration. Turns out, they are!

Here’s the catch though, they only have two prototypes they are working with at this moment, the Kickstarter campaign is about to be launched, and they can’t commit to a partnership at the moment because we aren’t positive they will have extra product to offer for the Because We Can run. Regardless, they ARE interested and I would be thrilled to be able to put one of these to the test, allowing me to run easily down the state, but also have a part in showing the possibilities of this obviously valuable running product. It’s the next best thing to a Rick Roll, no?! 🙂

For the time being though, we are in touch, and will periodically be checking in with each other to share updates on the benefit and the possibility of having another Kid Runner to use for the run. Let’s keep our fingers and shoelaces crossed.

In the meantime, check out their site and follow the Kickstarter when it launches on April 15th.

Kid Runner

Oh…and speaking of the fundraiser…stay tuned for more developments in a potential pre-ultra run fundraising event….details being coordinated now.


10 miles w/ 4 x 800/400 rec./400/400 rec.

Special Magic Oatmeal!
2 clementines, 1 banana
Rice w/ tofu, spinach, mushrooms and BBQ sauce
Big salad with variety of ingredients
Dinner/snacks to come

Reign Supreme – Sky Burial


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