So many people have helped me over the past year and a half, and this time of year – Thanksgiving/Xmas/Festivus/etc. (We’ll call it – I always feel compelled to give back, to acknowledge them in some way, but there are simply too many people to recognize and I feel paralyzed in action. I don’t want to inadvertently leave anyone out and nothing I could do would ever pay back the support I’ve been given throughout my cancer experience, however, maybe a wider social gesture might be the most appropriate action now. I’ve given to charities in other’s names this time of the year before, deliberately eschewing the idea that we need buy THINGS for people in order to show our appreciation, but I feel compelled more than ever to do so…but to also suggest you do the same.

With that in mind, I’ve listed a number of worthy organizations below, which speak to my interests, and links to their donation pages. I hope everyone that has offered me support, whether financial, physical or emotional through the past year and a half appreciates this small gesture. Let’s make this a sustaining tradition.


Tamerlaine Farm
Farm Sanctuary
10 Billion Lives Tour


Cancer Shall Not Pass
Heather Dane Family


WorkOut Cancer
American Institute for Cancer Research

Active Living Politics

Run For Justice

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