Run Fast. Run Vegan. Running, racing, nutrition and vegan primer.

Before cancer I wrote this primer to answer the repeated questions I would get regarding running, racing, veganism and nutrition. It was initially going to be a simple PDF, but once I started writing I couldn’t stop and it turned into something much more extensive. Then cancer hit and I put this on the back burner, but after re-reading it between surgeries, I felt it was still relatively decent. I brought in a handful of people from Registered Dietitians, Ginny Messina and Matt Ruscigno, to my personal coach, Matt Ebersole, to vet the information.

I recently finished the work and am glad to offer it as an online document or printable PDF. Feel free to print, share, and spread it around should you find it worthwhile.

I regret I couldn’t put more time into making it visually pleasing or finding someone to help me make it a physical document, but all the information is still there. I’ve included the link below and in the links to the side, which lead to a downloadable PDF.

Thanks for checking it out!


7 responses to “Run Fast. Run Vegan. Running, racing, nutrition and vegan primer.

  1. This is really helpful. I’ve always wondered how you reconcile having cancer with your diet, and the views of those well respected docs in the vegan community that a whole food vegan diet will prevent and even cure cancer. Love your work.

    • Thanks Joanne, I’ve discussed this elsewhere in my blog and most recently on the No Meat Athlete podcast. To summarize, cancer(ing) is far more complex a process than managed by simply what we put into our bodies. Diet can help and hurt, but it isn’t the “secret cancer cure”. Nothing is. You can’t cure evolution. 🙂

  2. Congrats for your good job, my friend! Simple, objective and useful!

  3. Great read! Very cool. I wanted to put it on my e-reader but couldn’t find a link for downloading the pdf, is it on the Issuu site?

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