Promotions and Things

Prior to diagnosis I was asked to contribute a piece to the anthology, Running Eating Thinking, by Lantern Books. After a couple revisions, the editor and I decided to cobble together a few blog posts that followed my health news, which became the final submission for this book. After a year of waiting, the book is finally available to the public and I’m flattered to be sharing page space with a list of great writers and personalities. All proceeds of book sales go towards an animal charity still to be determined by the authors.

Learn more about the anthology and order through the following sites:


I was also recently asked to contribute to a few websites regarding my running, health perspective and cancer circumstance. The first of those three is now live and you can read my interview on Kale Or Be Killed‘s “Meet Me Monday” series. Kale Or Be Killed (the Bad Girl’s Health Club) is a site dedicated to veganism and good living, with a humorous approach.

That’s it for now…I’ll share links to the other sites when they go live.


4 responses to “Promotions and Things

  1. i pre ordered the book. can’t wait to get it. also, the new Ace Frehley record. but that’s a different story. also, rad KOBK piece. ❤

    • Thanks friend! I look forward to reading the whole thing too. 🙂 And I’ll spotify that new Ace Frehley when Im done with the new Michael Jackson.

  2. Wow! Congrats. That is so fantastic. Very glad your writing is going out further and further. To reiterate, I’ve known since I first knew you that you will succeed at each step.

    • Thanks so much Shannon…I don’t know where this is going, but I like helping out whenever I can.

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