Benefit Events

MF 3I wish I didn’t have to put up posts like this. I wish I didn’t have to advertise benefits for myself or for others…but there are a lot of things I can wish for that I won’t get. So the best I can do is make the most of the circumstances and try to turn problematic situations into something more valuable to others. With that said, there are two benefits I want to bring to your attention.

The first is created by my friend, Melissa Neufell, who is currently thriving through a rare salivary gland cancer, going through radiation treatments post-surgery and doing her best to stay active through it all. She has a gofundme site that is raising money for the local (to Indianapolis) organization, WorkOut Cancer, which seeks to fund studies that measure the effects of physical activity on cancer remission. Please visit the following sites to learn more and contribute to the fundraiser.

Thriving With Cancer

WorkOut Cancer

The second is my own More Fire Run that I mentioned in a previous post. The More Fire Run event will raise money to help me stay on top of finances after my second surgery this August. The HIPEC surgery (affectionally called The Mother Of All Surgeries) is the hardest physical difficulty I’ve ever had to endure, completely wiping out my physical strength, but also making positive and inspired emotional moments hard to capture. I will be physically useless for a while and so these funds help me pay my mortgage, utilities, buy food and support my son. Some of the specifics for the event are described on the event page, but I’ll be posting updates here as the date nears. For more information and to register/donate for the run, please visit these pages:

More Fire Run

More Fire Event on Facebook
More Fire shirt design1


7 responses to “Benefit Events

  1. yep, will definitely be speaking a different language by then. But I’ll be there, virtually!

  2. That we need each other to survive is a fact that we have come close to losing sight of. It is a gift for those who can help in any way, not a burden. So often, we want to do something, but there’s no specific thing we can do. This gives a way to show love, support, shared interests, etc. Thanks for that.

    • Thanks for this perspective Shannon….I do firmly believe in the idea of mutual aid (which is part of my event), but sometimes it’s hard to internalize, especially when our society functions primarily on the idea that we exchange work for money. I have a hard time explaining that I would prefer to work for my money, but this surgery honestly prevents that, but also try not to sound whiny in the process. You know? Anyways, thanks again for your perspective and encouragement.

  3. Shannon Coughlin

    I, too, don’t like to “take.” I feel I must earn what I need. So, I was preaching to myself as well. We must remind each other that if there was no need for another person, it would be a dreadful life. The folks (myriad) who care about you, want/need you to be able to keep striving for success, whether in running, love, family, beating the damn cancer thing. So, it’s only fair that you need/want us to help you reach these successes. Hard as hell to do.

  4. Scott, I’d love to teach a donation outdoor yoga class at this event to help raise funds if there’s room for one more thing going on. If not, I’ll just do some yoga by my damn self while I’m there! Either way, I’m looking forward to it.



    • Emma, that’s awesome! Yes, let’s get this together. Can you email me so we can discuss specifics / promotion / etc.?

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