The Xmas Plea Follow up

I apologize for the delayed follow up to my previous Xmas plea, but some holiday events with my son and a pretty rough round of chemo has really distracted me from getting this post up. And because I’m STILL pretty wiped out from this 10th chemo treatment, I only have the motivation to keep this short.

Suffice to say, the nurses were quite thrilled with the presents I was able to give them through your generosity. In all, I was able to purchase approximately 575 K-cups for their Keurig machine, a requested book shelf for their office, 20 candy bars explicitly asked for by one contributor, and 25 gift cards to a local coffee shop for each employee in the office. The environment that morning (xmas eve) was expectedly hectic as the nurses worked to get the patients in and out (so they could get home to their families as soon as possible) and the mood was generally exuberant prior to Xmas day. Some patients came in dressed in absurd xmas outfits as the privileges of age allow them to do, and nurses complemented the patient attire with elf outfits.

I had a friend who has been documenting my cancer experience for the major local newspaper with me and so I was placed in a separate room for privacy concerns, but the nurses and doctors made it a point to come by and thank me (and you all) for your donations and messages of support. Other than the festivities and different accommodations, everything went as usual and the nurses plugged me into the bags of poison and filled me up, then sent me on my way so that everyone else could finish their treatments and get home.

Again, thank you all for allowing me to extend my appreciation and support to the nurses who help make each infusion as pleasant as can possibly be…which isn’t always so pleasant. You did a great part to make their xmas, and you certainly made mine.

Forgive me for the abrupt post, but I just don’t have it in me to be more expressive right now….just know that I appreciate your kindness and generosity for both me and those that are a part of my cancer experience. I hope to return the favor down the road.


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