A few benefits/fundraisers have been organized on my behalf and it would be rude should I not even mention them on this blog considering the amount of work that have gone into them. For the sake of full disclosure, the money generated by these fundraisers are helping cover all the daily living costs that I am struggling with now that I am unable to work. These are things such as rent, food, utilities, bills, child support, etc. The hospital bills will be so astronomically high that no amount of fundraisers could even being to make a dent in that tragedy, and we are handling that situation through other means (medicaid, charity forgiveness, etc.), so all funds are being directed to keeping me “ahead of the game”, so when the time comes that I’m able to get back to fending for myself, I won’t be digging myself out of debt for the rest of my life or jeapordizing any parenting time with my son.

Regardless, I am deeply grateful for those who have stepped forward to donate to the various funds, organize an event, buy a t-shirt, etc. etc. etc. Y’all are saving my ass. With that said, here is what has been set up for the time being.


The site below contains a number of amazing items up for auction, all donated by local artists and various businesses around the country. Everything from concert tickets, to tattoos, to jewelry, to bike apparel, etc. etc. etc. There are so many great products here and I hope you consider supporting some of these amazing people and their work.

Bike Ride

If you live in the Indianapolis area, a bike ride will be held on Thursday, May 30th at 6pm. The ride starts in Broad Ripple and ends at the City Market downtown for libations and great company. Sun King Brewery has donated a keg and all proceeds go towards my fund. Limited Edition Legs & Lungs T-shirts are also available for purchase, that can either be picked up at the beginning or end of the ride or simply bought online and shipped to your house. All proceeds of the first 100 shirts go towards my fun and $10 of each additional shirt sold will go towards my fund. You can order shirts at the url below, but I hope you can make the ride for all the great camaraderie as well.

Metal Show

If aggressive music is your thing (it is mine!) a couple local metal bands fronted by friends of mine have put together a crushing show that will go down AFTER the bike ride on the 30th. Basically everything has been donated for the show (sound, venue, etc.) so all funds from the show go towards my fund. Come out and rage to Coffinworm and Conjurer.

Details here.

General Donations

To all who want to help Scott financially:

Ignore what Scott ever said about not wanting financial help; he forgot anarchy and smiles don’t pay medical bills. If you are wondering why Scott doesn’t have insurance, it is because he had to be at his current job for 6 months before he was eligible and he was there only 2 months. There is no fundraising goal at this point; every bit will help.

A new bank account is set up managed by Scott and his parents. If you know Scott at all, you know he’ll be transparent and ever-grateful for your help. You can contribute via PayPal or by check.

1. Send money to Scott at
2. Choose *Send Money Online and *I’m sending money to family or friends
3. If you are sending money by credit card or another way that requires fees, you can choose to either have the sender or receiver shoulder the fees. If you can, please have the sender take the fees.

1. Please make checks out to Scott Spitz
2. Mail checks to Mary Beth and Thomas Spitz at 2162 Heather Glen Way * Franklin, IN * 46131

Thank you. Thank you.


These are currently the active benefits organized in my name, but I know there will be more in July and the upcoming months. I’ll do my best to publicize the events as they are organized. Again, thank you so much for the support you have offered to me during this trying time. Every dollar, meal, benefit, word of encouragement, etc. etc. is deeply appreciated. Thank you.

Also, check out the Raise Hell 4 Scott Facebook page for more updates.

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  2. Pingback: Help Scott Outrun Cancer | Navigator, Equator

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