A handful of friends have come together and planed a fundraising bike ride on my behalf for May 30th. The ride will be a casual group starting in Broad Ripple and cruising to Tomlinson Tap at the City Market for drinks. Sun King has donated a keg and all proceeds will go towards my medical fund. There will also be a silent online auction containing products donated by a slew of companies around the country…there is some really awesome stuff in here. I will update the blog when that goes live.

For now, the Legs & Lungs site is hosting t-shirt sales for the bike ride on the 30th, but these can be shipped to your home if you can’t make it to the ride. The first 100 shirts were donated towards my medical fund and 10 dollars from each additional shirt will also go to the fun. These are limited edition L&L shirts with the “Raise Hell” theme printed on the back. See all the details here…

Thank you.


One response to “Fundraiser

  1. I don’t know if this will sound redundant, as I would imagine you’ve exhausted every resource possible in dealing with your illness…but have you seen the documentary “The Gerson Miracle”? Here is a link to the Gerson Institute:
    If you have already heard of it and it’s not an option for you, I meant absolutely no disrespect, and wish you a speedy recovery and wish you all the best. Many thanks for your post about vegan running shoes, I just ordered my first pair tonight. Do not go gentle. Blessings.

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