Thank you to all Scott’s friends  – locally, electronically and universally.  Your friendship, encouragement and support is the best medicine for ALL of us during this journey.  What we have to report at this point is pretty general until we meet with the doctor today and know more about his pathology reports. We also want to make sure Scott is the first receiver of his condition prior to this blog.  What we can report is that because of Scott’s general great health, he came through surgery without any complications.  Surgery lasted about 9 hours and he is being cared for in ICU right now.  He is sedated,  breathing with the help of a ventilator,  but they anticipate removing that sometime today to see how he does on his own.  Wish we had more details to report.  Check back tomorrow and hopefully we can share more information with you.

Scott’s Mom & Dad


21 responses to “STATUS OF SCOTT’S SURGERY

  1. Thinking about you Scott! – M@

  2. Thank you for the update! It’s so great to hear that things are progressing well so far.

  3. Scott has been inspirational to me a runner and “strive-to-be-vegan!”
    Please let him know someone in Denver is thinking of him.

  4. I’m putting so much energy into “sending good energy” to Scott that I just realized that you (his parents) no doubt need some too. I know you’re all too aware how important “care for the caregivers” is, and I want you to know that this isn’t just about Scott. (Although I did -love- his blog “it’s not about you!”) ….We’ve never met, but we will!!

  5. Thanks so much for the update! Let us know when he’s up and about… although I guess he’ll probably let us know when that is. (My husband had a brain tumor removed in January and it was 48 hours before he was able to tell everyone how he felt.) As the caregiver myself I can totally empathize with you and say that you just need to hang in there for the moment!

  6. So glad the surgery went well! I am hoping for the best news possible!

  7. Thank you so much for the update.hope everything goes well today and they are able to remove him from the ventilator . We wish him a speedy recovery.

  8. Thank you so much for the update! Wishing you all the best in the coming days and through Scott’s recovery.

  9. Thank you for the update! Will be clicking the refresh page like crazy tomorrow. Here’s to a smooth and speedy recovery!

  10. Time to bust out our motivational phrase Scott:
    “This is where we get better”

    Get well!

  11. thank you for the update! so glad to hear the news. now, will scott be able to come home and help mow the lawn this weekend?!

  12. Vegan power recovery Scott, Kirsch xx

  13. Thanks for updating us. Here’s to a speedy recovery, Scott. I’m running and eating penut butter in your honour.

  14. Thank you for this update. He’s a strong young man and an outstanding athlete. He’s fortunate to have his parents by his side during this. I am sure that it is difficult. Best to all of you, and a speedy recovery to Scott.

  15. I’m glad to hear that Scott made it through surgery. Thank you for the update. Sending positive thoughts to your family!

  16. Viva la revolution! Scott we will get back in shape together.

  17. Thank you so much for the update! And SO good to hear, that the surgery went the way it went. Sending tons of positive thoughts both to you the parents and especially to Scott plus energy and fast recovery vibes to him. All the best!!!

  18. 9 hrs surgery? Jesus … glad to hear Scott is doing fine. Looking forward to read more (positive) updates!

  19. Due to 100F fever, I cut my run short, but I put in 6mi for you today Scott. Get well soon dude.

  20. Scott is amazing – thinking of him today and all during his recovery.

  21. You have one great and strong son. I know you appreciated him as much as we all do, as he is one of my favorites souls I have ever had the chance to know in my lifetime! I am thankful for fate and college to provide me this friendship. Just remind him, if he could live through Damon, he’s got this whipped!

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