Pull The Cancer Card

Cancer Card

Cancer Card

That design above was probably my first moment of seeing “cancer” as a part of my identity…not COMPRISING my identity, but just an addition to it that I’m reluctantly accepting. I’ve found myself accepting that new portion of myself in an attempt to use it…to spread strength and positivity towards  those that might find themselves in a similar situation and needing an example. I’ve got a platform and it would be selfish and tragic if I didn’t use it for positive benefit….and humor.

My roommate and I were joking around about “pulling the cancer card” to get free stuff around town. We weren’t being serious, but I thought it would be funny to make myself a “cancer card” and pull it on my friends when I wanted to lighten the mood….but then I realized it might have a real world application. Specifically for me, it could help break my barriers to asking for help should I need it in the future, for small, but important gestures. Maybe help with a meal. Maybe a car ride somewhere. Maybe just a needed friend session. I don’t know. Ideally, it would be great to not need the card, but to have it will be a nice comfort.

So I designed this card….and then I realized this could be a needed resource for anyone in my position, and there are plenty…unfortunately. Hence this post. The business card above is the visual, but the link below it is a PDF file set up for printing at http://www.moo.com. All you have to do is download it to your computer and either print a bunch out….or if you want to get real professional, follow the instructions below to order any number of cards in various shapes, finishes, papers, etc.  If you happen to be a cancer patient yourself, print them out for your own use. And if you are someone who knows anyone with cancer, send them to someone who can use them!

Pay it forward as they say. I’d love to see the cards in use, filled out, and redeemed. Send photos if you take me up on the offer and feel so inclined.


The Moo.com site (p.s. I’m NOT being paid by them for this…I wish!) is incredibly easy to use and completely user-friendly. I’ve added the prompts below, but you should be able to figure them out without issue.

1. www.moo.com

2. Go to “Business Cards”

3. Make Business Cards

4. Design your own

5. Upload a complete design

6. Upload design

7. Choose the PDF file from your computer

8. Continue

9. Choose from any number of paper, shape and finish options.

10. Check out!


2 responses to “Pull The Cancer Card

  1. Dude, if you ever need to pull the cancer card please hit me up. I’m in Camby/Mooresville. I would be glad to help out in any way needed. Vegan meal, ride, walk in a nature park, watch a much slower runner than you (me) so you don’t feel so bad 😉 Whatever. Since you’re the admin of this here fancy blog you have my email address. My family is praying for you Scott.


    • Aaron, I really appreciate your offer…thank you. And for your prayers…thank you. I hope I never have to pull the cancer card, but it’s good to know there are those I can pull it on! 🙂

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