Think Kit – December 7th

What did I get myself into with all these Think Kit prompted posts? I guess I naively assumed I would simply be writing about running/veganism/etc., not DOING things. They never mentioned DOING stuff. Like interviewing people and making inspiration boards. I don’t know about you, but between a full time job, a part time job (running) and general house/project responsibilities, I really don’t have time for much else….which is funny, because that segues directly into the essence of today’s prompt…

Think Kit Prompt – December 7th – What do you want your life (or your kitchen, your job, your x) to look like? Create your own inspiration board.


To use the specific suggestions…

My job – Done! I didn’t have to create an inspiration board, because I want my job to be non-existent. Period. I’m done…but I can’t leave. Loooong story. Ill spare you everything.

My kitchen – Really? You wanna know what my kitchen should look like? Don’t get me wrong…I’ve got ideas, but they’re all useless to you.

My life – Ok, let’s discuss this. Because I have this internal dialogue about my “ideal life” often, and of course, it involves running. Or at the very least I conduct that “if you won the lottery” mental exercise, and that too involves running.

There are, of course, endless options for how I want my life to look like. At times I’m pulled towards the utopian ideal of running, traveling the world meeting internet friends, sleeping in fancy hotels where my breakfast is always made for me when I get back from running, and just not giving much extended thought to the money I’m spending.

At other times I appeal to my emotional desires and imagine what life would be like living by my son, raising him and watching his daily accomplishments as any good parent wishes (the obstacles to making this a reality are much more complex than simple hopes…another story, another time).

Then I imagine a more practical and realistic existence, where I simply don’t dread going to work every morning, where I manage all the typical inconveniences and obligations of adulthood, but keep an obnoxiously positive outlook overall.

If I had my way, however, to split the difference between fantasy and reality, my days would look something like this…

6:00 am – Wake up, run 4 or 5 miles.
8:00 am – Eat breakfast, go to the coffee shop, read and write for hours
12:00 pm – Run 10 – 15 miles, probably a hard workout or “preparation/recovery” run
2:00 pm – Create art, take photos, help run a business, do more reading/writing/etc.
5:00 pm – Do some strength training at the gym
6:00 pm – Eat an awesome dinner that I make
7:00 pm – Create more, read more, write more, etc.
8:00 pm – Socialize

I know, I’m not trying to save the world or anything…but no one said this had to be supremely ethical. This example of a daily schedule, however, is not realistic, pragmatic or maybe even advisable. No matter, that’s not the point. The point is to look past your comfort level, to look past your routine to imagine another existence and consider if you can find other avenues to get there, or at least integrate parts of that ideal into your life. I understand this, had understood it quite some time ago and always seek to reimagine my life, striving for a better existence, never settling for less.

I think I’ve done a pretty good job. You may not believe me if we had a recent conversation in person, for I feel like I’m continuing to slide closer to whatever “bottom” may be right now, and have expressed this often, but that doesn’t mean I don’t recognize the good in my life.

For one, above all, I’m running again. And running hard. Whatever bottom I may feel I’m heading towards, I’m climbing back to the top on my running game. As a matter of fact, no matter how terrible my days seem, for at least an hour every day I feel on top of the damn world. I refuse to let that go.

And then, well, there is everything else I’ve created with my days. Yeah, I’m single/”alone” now and I really, really, really dread my job, but the before and after to all that is filled wish as much awesomeness as I can pack in. There is bike rides, running, strength training, reading and writing in coffee shops, making cookies and giving them away to strangers, creating art at night, and just packing every second of my days with reward and value.

So yeah, there is always “better”. There is always reason to create inspiration boards in the mind and strive for that utopian existence, but ultimately we must settle for what is in our control and make the best of all that. Just as in running, you can’t sit around and wait for accomplishment to happen. You have to create success, create reward…make it happen. Sure, my utopia will always remain a utopia, but I really can’t complain about what I’ve created outside that ideal.


2 responses to “Think Kit – December 7th

  1. Hey there! We have about 1/4 of the prompts as “do,” so there will be a few more coming your way. We openly invite twisting the prompt to work for you. No rules. The goal is just to challenge and stretch. Thanks for Think-Kitting with us!

    By the way, I’m totally impressed that your ideal day would involve up to 20 miles! I run 3 miles a couple of times per week, and am thinking of trying my first half this spring.

    Sara (from SmallBox)

    • Hey Sara, I went and re-read my introduction and realized it didn’t come across as humorously as I had intended. Sorry about that! I just kid when I talk about the Do/Make prompts. I wish I had the time to actually do them…but for now I can only relate them to writing. Really enjoying this exercise though!!!

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