The Race That Never Was

I’m going to pretend that the race I was training for and prepared to crush is not happening tomorrow….because it is. I picked this specific race because it gave me significant training time, which I capitalized upon until the injury setback, and because chances are the weather was going to be perfect…cold. And, of course, I was correct. Tomorrow’s forecast begins in the low 30’s and tops out in the mid 40’s. That, no matter what anyone else tells you, is PERFECT running weather.

But all my considerations are for nothing, because here I am, still running out of an injury and just finally getting to a point that I can start punishing my workouts. Just yesterday I put in 53 minutes of 2:00 hard, 1:00 easy, and my legs were rocked after it was all over, which is actually a good sign. I recovered well and the workout itself felt like a turning point for me.

But there are no delusions here, I am NOT in marathon shape. I’m not in consistently fast workout shape. This is only my first 90 mile week. That is all to say, I still have a ways to go. But tomorrow is the goal race and my teammates survived the training and are toeing the line tomorrow, while I’m not. Someone break out the world’s smallest violin.

Now, it follows that I should probably go down to the race and cheer my teammates on, which I wouldn’t mind doing no matter how much it would hurt to watch them battle it out, but training is a “can’t stop, won’t stop” scenario and coach has prescribed me a small battle of my own. I’ve got a long run with a workout thrown in the middle, which are never easy. I’ve got 4 miles warm up, 3 steady, 3 comfortably hard, 3 uncomfortably hard, and the rest cool down for a total of 20 miles. So instead of heading down to watch them race, I’ll be heading out on the trail, away from the course, to run hard on my own, effectively pretending that I’m the only one out there though thousands of others will probably just be blocks over.

Although I may pretend nothing else is going on tomorrow, the truth is there will be a lot of awesomeness going down. Every runner out there will be doing something they have planned for and trained for months previous, culminating in this relatively epic experience, while the majority of the city sleeps off another long night or sleeps away another ho-hum morning. Meanwhile, there are the rest of us.

I don’t mean to come off as a downer, mind you, for I’m feeling fortunate I can actually run and run hard tomorrow despite the race going on. If I was completely unable to run, that would be a different story, but I’m ok because I’m just preparing for the next time I can step to the line and run the streets with everyone else, finally putting all my training to a definitive test. It’s been too long.

Good luck to everyone running a marathon tomorrow, wherever you may be. I mean, not that a marathon is taking place in my hometown tomorrow…not at all…there isn’t…but in case there was, I would say Run Smart! I’ll do the same.


4 responses to “The Race That Never Was

  1. Bro, 30’s IS to cold to run in.

  2. Running fast equals wind chill factor đŸ˜‰

    There’s an inaugural Cummins Marathon in Columbus, IN next 9/28. A little warm probably, but just tossing that out there in case you hadn’t heard about it.

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