What am I doing?

It’s disingenuous to say I “quit running”. I obviously didnt….can’t. I qualified my runner “status change” by saying I quit COMPETITIVE RUNNING, which says something more exact, but is still a touch deceptive. The real truth is, I quit TRAINING. That means something else entirely. It means I’m no longer conscripted to a schedule. It means I’m absent of specific goals. It means I run when I can and when I feel like it, without concern. I might do 20 miles on a Saturday, but only because that seems like a good idea. And if I don’t run for another three days after, well, that’s because I have no pressing need to do so. I’m not training. That description puts me at much greater ease and I feel wholely comfortable using that to explain my change in focus lately. I obviously didn’t quit running, lest I went under the knife to have my legs removed. And although I might enter a race here and there (Jingle Bell 5k to celebrate a friend’s coming child…man shower!!), I’m not necessarily TRAINING for it. I’m just running when the mood and ability hits me. It’s absurd to think I could ever just QUIT anyways. Quitting is for smokers.


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