Vermont 50…I’m comin’ for you.

Almost omen-like, following on the footsteps of my last post regarding running both fast and far, an opportunity made its way into my life. A facebook friend who lives out East casually mentioned a race they thought my wife and I should do, seeing as how it offered both a trail running category and a mountain bike category. One for me, one for her. I immediately dismissed it, thinking the life logistics of finding someone to take care of our kid, dog and cat would prove to be overwhelming. Well, my wife thought otherwise and although I secretly wanted to do this race really bad, I never verbalized it….but then she did.

She quickly made the connection between the race’s September start date and our 1 year anniversary that also falls within the same month, successfully drawing a logical connection between the two. And within a day we had made the plans to celebrate our 1 year anniversary by….what else….subjecting ourselves to an excruciating test of endurance! Our plans for the Vermont 50 had been hatched.

Now all we have to do is train.

Well, that and sign up. Fortunately, for me, the run portion doesn’t sell out (capped at 550 runners) until sometime in August, maybe even September, but unfortunately, for Michelle, the bike portion sells out in hours. Sheeeit. Somehow, in the next WEEK we need to carve out $100+ dollars in our budget and reserve it for the registration fee, and then sit in front of the computer ready to submit our information and secure her a spot in the race. Once we pull that off, we’ll be good to go.

Well, then we have to get back to training. From that standpoint, we have the fortune of our 5 year old going off to live with his dad in Colorado for 5 weeks starting the 25th, although that will be quite an emotional blow to Michelle. From a training standpoint, which I’m sure she’ll drown her sorrows in, we’ll have ample opportunity to get our flatland butts down to Southern Indiana for some serious trail running and riding.

For now though, I’ve ramped it back up and am getting in solid speed training, even knocking out serious intervals on the track once again. And it feels good. My mileage has been bouncing around the 80’s to 100’s for awhile now, but I’ve now got the strength and confidence to start throwing in the fast stuff, even with the 30 miles I’m pulling off on the weekends. And I’m LOVING it.

My eyes, and more importantly, my mind are set on Vermont and although I’m sufficiently scared of the task ahead, I also know I have 4 months to prepare as best I can and see what happens. I won’t lie…I want to run the 50 miles, filling the “far” quota, but I also want to see what I can do with the “fast” portion of the equation. Looking at the past years results, I think I can make a go for A, if not THE, top spot, but don’t think I’m jumping into this arrogantly. This is a whole ‘nother beast and I’ll be doing my best not to bite off more than I can chew, but instead prepare accordingly.

No matter what comes, the trip is going to be awesome. Vermont. Friends. Trails. Racing. Our one year anniversary. We can’t lose!!

Now….point me toward the hills!!!


3 responses to “Vermont 50…I’m comin’ for you.

  1. Congratulations on getting the logistics worked out, that’s harder than training and racing sometimes. Can’t wait to see what happens, kick ass!

  2. That is great news about your plan for the Vermont race! With your trail running experience and your marathon speed, I believe that you are gonna kick some serious ass in a race at that ultra distance. Your current training and fitness is already ready to race that distance. By incorporating more speed work you will definitely be more than ready. I am crossing my fingers for you two that it will happen and you will not get shut out. Plus, you will love Vermont in fall! Perfect place to spend your 1 year anniversary. Good luck with your training!

  3. Scott,
    I’ll be rooting, for you.
    If you want to train on some HILLS, come on down to the Knobstone. The Elk Creek trail head offers perfect parking and easy access to 13 miles of quad killing hills (7600′ of elevation gain) between the Leota and Oxley Memorial trail heads.
    I like to go down there and take my beating, whenever I get cocky.

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