And by the power vested in the cozy circle of friends that is the internet, this site is about to get a massive amount of hits by the linking of Fat Cyclist. I’m going to let that mess build steam, explode and fizzle out as tends to happen with this medium. I will, however, exploit this opportunity to clarify one point and reiterate another.

1. There IS a vegan who has qualified for the Olympic Marathon Trials. His name is Jeff Eggleston and has the potential to make the Olympic Squad. His blog is linked in the blogroll over there.


Have fun….but all comments are already on moderation.


9 responses to “Kaboom

  1. Rick Henriksen

    Gotta love the internet. I’m a Fatty reader.
    I honestly wish you luck in qualifying.
    I hope you get some of this traffic to stick. 🙂

    • Yeah, the seeming anonymity and subsequent cascading of cause and effect can be stunning. Regardless, I was a frequent fatty reader, but now just pop in every once in awhile. My comment was intentionally exaggerated and antagonistic, I know this, and whether it was “effective” or not (depending on the assumptions of what I was actually trying to accomplish), at least you can’t say I was ignored!

      Regarding qualifying. As laid out in my post “One Hell of a Run”, I had to abandon that dream for the responsibilities of family. I’m still out there running and at times competitively as well.

      I’m not sure I believe in the phrase “any press is good press”, but yes, I hope someone gets an ounce of benefit from the blog, video, whatever.

      Carry on, and thanks!

  2. The youtube video was astonishing. I was a vegetarian 2 years ago for health purposes but I couldn’t handle it so I had to go back to eating meat. 3 days ago I decided to go vegan for health purposes but after seeing the video, I have realized how inhumane the meat/dairy/fish industry actually is. I cried while watching it. Thank you for the link and opening my eyes!

    • Nina, for me, the ethical component to veganism is the most compelling and lends a great deal to staying with my commitment. If you’ve had problems sticking to vegetarianism/veganism in the past due to health, there are now seemingly infinite resources that give great nutritional information. The vegan RD (in the blog roll) is a great source of information, among many others. Good luck!

  3. It is interesting that food. which provides us with life, is such a divisive topic. Should we be killing animals in that manner for our existence? No. For those who eat meat, is it really difficult to see why people do not want to support the meat and dairy industry? I do not understand why people are so offended by declaring yourself a vegan or by showing the facts about where their meal has come from.

    Thanks for posting that video!


    • To be fair…I don’t think it was so much what I was saying, but rather how I said it and in what context. Aside from that, all your points stand.

  4. Since there is a vegan marathoner who has qualified for the Olympic Trials, perhaps you should clarify your statement on the upper right hand corner of your blog in which you state that you are attempting to become the first vegan runner to qualify.

    • Yes, I should. And it has been in my head to do so for quite some time, but I have a lot of other more important tasks to attend to in my life. I’m really not worried the cosmos are flipping upside down because of this neglect.

  5. “To be fair…I don’t think it was so much what I was saying, but rather how I said it and in what context. Aside from that, all your points stand.”

    i couldn’t agree more. with both sentences.

    i could try, but i would fail. at agreeing more, that is.

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