Let’s do this.

Elite Development Entry Form

Next payday this goes in the mail. Bring it Chicago.


6 responses to “Let’s do this.

  1. next pay day? That’s weird….I would have thought for sure that your entry fee would be waived for this race.

    • Haha…good one. Nope. You should hear little go off on that fact every time it comes up. Considering how much that race costs, you think they would be pulling in the revenue to take care of the 100 – 200 people that make the Elite Development Program standards…but no. We do, however, get late entry (sept. 1st), our own start corral, our own tent before the race, our own porta potties, our own bag check, etc, etc. So it’s not a total wash.

  2. Hppy Birthday 34!!!!!!!!

  3. I just recently became a vegetarian and now I’m thinking of making the switch to being a vegan. I was just searching through blogs and found yours! We’re going to cheer on one of my friends at the marathon this year so I’ll look for you! I ran with my husband in 2003 and then he ran again in 2006 (I was pregnant). It was such an awesome expereince…although we just ran it to finish it, not to run it fast by any means. I think it’s cool that you are an example to people that you can be healthy and be an athlete while being vegan. 🙂

    • Hey Jen, glad you stumbled in! Yes, it looks like I’ll be back running in Chicago again…I sure hope so. Let’s hope for runnable whether lest we have to go somewhere else. Thanks for the good words and good luck in your transition to veganism….it only makes sense! 🙂

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