The following is the latest Indy Star article about our training group and our attempt to qualify for the Olympic Marathon Trials. I meant to post this previously, but it slipped my mind.

I’ve also added some minor updates around the blog, specifically the Sponsors page. I’ve added the Athletic Annex and will soon be adding Personal Best Training. And hey, if you feel inclined to become a sponsor, send me an email and I’m sure we can work something out.

Finally, I’ll be adding a new post soon, but the past week has been relatively hectic and I’ve been somewhat exhausted from training. Speaking of training, everything has been going smashingly and in the past week or so I seem to have had some sort of breakthrough. My easy runs are easy…but fast and effortless, and my workouts have been awesome. I’m nailing some times in these workouts that I was hitting more towards the end of my Chicago training, which is obviously a good sign. All I can think is that this time last year I wasn’t putting in nearly this sort of mileage (95 – 100 a week) nor this sort of quality. I’m getting really psyched for the Mini, to see what I can do. First though, we have the Chicago Shamrock Shuffle 8k in a week and a half.

Stay tuned.

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