Impromptu Shoe Review

First things first….I was interviewed a couple weeks ago about my running and veganism, etc. and the interview was then turned into a first person article by the journalist. I thought the column had been pulled completely, but I woke to find a handful of work emails with a link to this piece. Enjoy.


I run in the Adidas Adizero racing flats for most of my workouts and they will also be my race shoe of choice when I get back to that (March 21st – see the race calendar). They are incredibly light, supportive yet solid in the heel….and neon. Almost. They are more flourescent actually, or yellow. Whatever color they are, I really enjoy seeing them flash across the ground from just below my line of sight. I’ve learned lately that I prefer to see either something bright like these or just a classic white shoe when I’m out running. They always make me feel fast. I thought I’d be into something like red or black shoes, but those always just LOOK heavy, and running is as much about how fast you perceive yourself to be as it is how fast you actually run. Look slow, feel slow, run slow. Look fast, feel fast, run fast. So these shoes below have certainly become my shoe of choice, not only because of how they look, but also how incredibly light and powerful they feel.

They are a near perfect shoe….except for one thing….which is this part.

Sure, that may look like an incredibly grippy and solid sole, except for one thing. It’s not. It’s actually a razor. A really sharp razor. Don’t believe me?

Those, are my ankles after today’s workout. Those three nicks on the right are each indicators of tiny missteps that brought the side of the sole of my shoe across my ankle bone. That somewhat drippy mess on the left is the same thing, just a little deeper. Personally, I consider this something of a happy design flaw (we run till we bleeeeed!!!), but Michelle thinks it’s a sign of bad form. She’s probably more right. Actually, these battle wounds came during a fast run with lots of turns and relatively poor wintery footing, but still, I didn’t expect to have my ankles cheese grated during the run.

Eh, a small sacrifice for really awesome shoes I guess.

5 responses to “Impromptu Shoe Review

  1. Great article! Notice how the vegan/protein thing got in there, eh.. I get asked that a lot as a vegan also and have my handful of answers ready.

    I wondered what shoe you ran road races and trained in. Anymore I’m enjoying the nearly no heel of the Onitsuka Tiger (Asics) Mexico 66 shoe. I feel very bad that it has about six square inches of leather on it though. Otherwise, I run in the Vibram Five Fingers– those really change the game in many ways.

    • Hey Greg,

      Thanks! Yeah, the protein question came up and I tried to make mention that it is very much not a concern of mine, but since it is the default question for the majority of non-vegans, I felt it worthwhile to answer in full.

      I have been racing in Saucony Type A’s, which are a decent shoe, but after running in these Adizero’s, they feel too squishy to me now. So what sort of running do you do in your vibram’s? I’ve been curious about those….probably not going to run in them honestly, but I’m curious how they feel on the toes.

  2. I run in the Adizero as well. Best shoe I’ve ever run in. Not recommened for the heal stricker though. I feel fast just walking.

    • did i just write stricker? brutal. make that, “striker”.
      Also, in regards to an earlier post, I agree with you that the Salomon Speedcross are awesome winter shoes. Just did a 6hr race in those through tons of snow. They were awesome.


      • Yeah, I love these shoes…but I only wear them sparingly, for speed workouts. I’ll need a new pair when it comes time to start racing again. Yeah, I love those Salomon’s for the worst of winter weather, but I’m glad to say I don’t have the opportunity to wear them right now. What race did you do?

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