Race Results

I’m still way too messed up from the race to write a full report, but expect one soon. In the meantime:

Tecumseh Trail Marathon

2nd place (out of 700)

3:05 and change

It sounds terrible until you know what the terrain was like. As a summary, I led the race in the beginning, then missed a turn at a water stop and lost the guy I was running with. Then he bit it hard on an ice-covered bridge and dropped out after I passed him. Then I led the race all the way to mile 23 before being passed. The winner came in at 2:59 and change.

More details to come.

In all, I’m stoked with my run, even though I felt like utter shit when it was all over. It took me a good 30 minutes before I stopped shivering uncontrollably. But then it was about 6 hours of feeling like I was going to vomit. Running is awesome!  You should try it! 🙂

10 responses to “Race Results

  1. well done mate, sounds like a great result in tough conditions! Love your attitude:D

  2. F#%kin’ wow! Congrats!

    Rest up and enjoy the spoils of your incredibly successful year of running accomplishments.

    • Thanks CB…and yes, I’m going to put in a good spell of recovery rest. But yeah, I updated my results page and then all of a sudden it hit me, “Oh man this year is over!” I’m certainly going to think back on all that happened this year running wise….then on to the next!

  3. Great job! I can’t wait to hear more about the trails. Trail running is such a beast!

    Hope you feel 100% better today!

  4. Awesome work!

    I finished 4:18, 74/600ish,. I thought of you after walking that hill after the ice bridge. It almost felt like bad dream how steep that thing was. Seriously, I climbed (10) 14,000 peaks last year plus Mt. Rainier and that thing was *almost* as crazy as them.

    Now I rest for a month or so, heal up my bummed achilles, and then start those mega long runs for the Ultra 100 in April.

    • Hey Greg, Nice work! Yeah, that hill…I never saw it until that point, but heard all about it. However, actually seeing it was almost laughable. I managed not to walk any part of the course, not even any part of that hill, but that was aided by the 1st place runner just ahead…walking it. Also, I wasn’t aware of the 2 more quick inclines at the top of that hill. Killer!

      Good luck with your ultra training! Want to hear how that goes!

  5. Good job Kip. Great race, great season. Next year team Dandies will take over a small country. Make sure your leg is in shape for that.

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