So, I’m fighting through this one.

My last post was prematurely confident that I had kicked this tight right leg, coming off one simple run after a full week of not running. Well, I’ve given up on my non-running manner of getting through this restrictive tightness (it didn’t seem to be working anyways) and am going the opposite direction. I mean, if running caused this, why can’t running fix it? Is there such a thing as the mysterious, mystical healing power of running? I’m counting on it.

I ran Thursday and felt great. I ran Friday and got through it, although there was noticeable tightness. I ran a 15k trail race saturday and won by four minutes. I won the race and I won the overall series. I warmed up slowly to work out the tightness and got past all that once the race started. It was sore and weak after the race, but not debilitatingly painful like it has been in the past. I stretched like crazy yesterday trying to pull apart my muscles like taffy, but felt my leg most of the day today. Screw it, I was going running again anyways. Saturday’s trail race was an incredibly winded 9.3 miles and did not offer me the boost of confidence I needed going into Tecumseh, so I know I absolutely need to get in as much running as possible for the next 3 weeks.

I started off easy warming out the tightness when I hit one of my favorite crushed rock trails around town. Soon, I noticed I was moving effortlessly…and quickly…and I wasn’t tiring. So I kept pace and had one of those runs that makes you realize why you put in the mileage day after day. I was absolutely floating through all 11.5 miles….and quickly so. THIS was a confidence boost for Tecumseh that’s for sure.

Of course, my right upper leg is ridiculously tight right now, but I’ve got an appointment with a massage therapist soon. I’m tryin it all now. I don’t mean to pose that I’m throwing all caution to the wind and risking a serious injury that would require surgery, maybe I exaggerate a touch, for I know in the back of my mind that if it was really that terrible that I’d take more rigorous precautions. I still believe I can run right out of this annoyance. Time will tell….and I’ve got about 3 weeks of it.

Bring on Tecumseh.


2 responses to “Snippets

  1. Terrific work on the four minute win and also the series win even though you sat out the Southwestway race! The out and back race was neat, although I’m sure it was a bit harder for you in the front surprising everyone with the return.

    It was great to meet you before the race. Both you and your girlfriend are so kind and approachable.

    • Thanks Greg….it was really good meeting you too. I did enjoy the out and back, but had complications on the way back. I ran head on into some woman at the creek crossing, luckily we both pulled back and no one was hurt. That horse barn section was crazy too. That was like a buckled cheese grater!

      I hope to run into you at future races (did you say you were doing Tecumseh?) And I certainly want to hear about your Ultra you’ve got comin up.

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