The urge

There are too many thoughts in my head to really focus on something more extensive right now, so here is a little of what’s been going on with me. (I’ll get back to more involved posts soon).


Despite the subtle tension in my lower calves (where my marathon problems began) this past week, I’ve been physically twitching with desire to get out and run again. I couldn’t hold back on Monday and went out for my first run since Chicago and right out the door I felt invincible, however, a few miles down the road and the tension in my calves began to grow. Although I should have turned around at 4, I continued and finished out the 10 miles probably a little faster than I should have as well. Too many should haves. The tightness was noticeable the next day, but dissipated by the afternoon. I took that day off and today as well, and everything is feeling really good right now. I’m going out for another easy run tomorrow, still trying to gauge how I’m recovering. I have solid hope for the next few days and am looking forward to easing back into it, because damn I miss it, both the feelings and the routine.


Although I registered for the Monumental Half-Marathon, the pride of defending my title getting the best of me, I’ve decided to back out. I still think I’d be healed for the race, but there is no point in chancing injury and with such a small timeframe to heal and put in a few hard runs, I just wouldn’t have the necessary confidence on the start line that is crucial for a good run. So to Gerry Groothius….I concede the victory and course record to you my friend. You better not disappoint!


I AM going to run the final DINO series 15k race in my new Salomon Speedcross 2’s, and with more excitement, I’ll also be running the Techumseh Trail Marathon on December 5th, hoping to be the first person to break 3 hours. I’m not putting any pressure on myself for this race (spent all that on Chicago), but am simply looking at it as a fairly crazy way to end the best running year of my entire life. Last year the course entailed snow, ice and a parking lot so slick that cars were sliding down the angled surface. Sounds like a party to me!


Finally, I’ve discussed the possibility of taking on official coaching from Matt Ebersole of Personal Best Training here in Indy. He is the coach of everyone I was training with for Chicago and whose workouts I was piggybacking on for a few months. He obviously knows what he’s doing and I know I can really benefit from the structure and obligation that coaching provides. It’s too early to make commitments, as I’ve said previously, but I’m not gonna lie and say I’m not thinking about qualifying for the olympic trials next year, however, something like that will involve a bit more experience and understanding of my potentials with the right training. Time will tell. Certainly though, we’ll be looking at a spring marathon, maybe Boston? I haven’t pulled the trigger on the coaching decision yet, as first I have to figure out some financial readjustments (sacrifices?) to make this work, but I sure hope it’s something I can incorporate.


Stay with me…I’ll be changing the blog title and banner soon. Maybe at some point going straight to


More involved posts coming soon.


2 responses to “The urge

  1. Tell Gerry Ill be gunning for him at monumental hehe
    looking forward to seein ya at the next dino!!!

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