Chicago Marathon Race Photos

Click on the photos to my flickr page where the complete Chicago set is uploaded. Thanks to Michelle for taking the awesome photos…while cheering…while sprinting around the city on her bike…while babysitting Nolen and Colleen…while getting very cold in the process.


4 responses to “Chicago Marathon Race Photos

  1. Great photos! I especially love the first action shot! So fast! 🙂

  2. Awesome pics – Michelle took some great ones on the course! Can’t begin to tell you what an awesome, incredible experience it was watching you compete out there. Totally bragged to my friends and coworkers about my elite running friend! Can’t wait to cheer you on for Olympic trials next.

    • I’ll tell here you said so Jill. And thanks to YOU so much for coming out and cheering on…like i’ve said repeatedly, it was such a huge boost to have you all out there I can’t even describe it.

      And yes, onward! Faster!

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