The current marathon emotion level is: as excited as I am annoyed.

I’m ready, I have to be. I put in the work, I’ve prepared physically and mentally for the effort, and everything about the race is go. However, there is this damn leg thing I’ve got going on. At first I thought it was an ITB issue (Illiotibial Band), but that prognosis gave way to all sorts of other weirdness and soreness going on. It certainly seems to be muscular, but I’m no doctor so it’s always a guessing game. The good news is when I get up to speed I notice no pain. It’s when I stop or slow to recover that the problems set in and my right quad and hamstring feel like they have empty spots and it is relatively painful to put pressure on. It doesn’t seem to be debilitating, but I could really do without the confidence wariness at this point. It also seems like a good deal of focused stretching alleviates the pain, but it can return relatively quickly once I start using it. I’ve decided to not run today and probably won’t tomorrow and quite possibly not the next day either. This is absolutely ok, as I often take off a day, or even two before a big race just to make sure I’m 100% rested. I’ll certainly need it Sunday.

I guess deep down I’m not overly concerned, where I feel like I won’t be able to run the race. Not at all. I just don’t want some race-stopping pain to suddenly show up around mile 16 or so. I think, ultimately, I’m just being hyper-paranoid leading up to Sunday, considering how much work I’ve already put towards this day. It’s just what I do.

In the meantime, I’ll keep stretching, “sticking” and resting.

Oh, and as a backup plan, if I can’t run on 100% physical effort, I plan to compensate with a mental effort provided by the following “Epic Chicago Marathon Pre-race Motivational Mix CD”. None of that “eye of the tiger”, “born to run” stuff for me. The playlist is as follows:

Foo Fighters – The Pretender
A Perfect Murder – Timebomb
At The Gates – Slaughter of the Soul
Comeback Kid – Wake the Dead
A Perfect Murder – Possessed
Harvest – Epicure
Tragedy – Not Fucking Fodder
Propaghandi – Back to the Motor League
Propaghandi – Dear Coach’s Corner
Burnt By the Sun – Spinner Dunn
Converge – You Fail Me
Suicidal Tendencies – You Can’t Bring Me Down
Nasum – Scoop
Trial – War By Other Means
Franz Ferdinand – No You Girls

Tonight’s final preparations involve meticulously packing and watching Spirit of the Marathon. Tomorrow we leave for Chicago at 10am. I can’t guarantee I’ll get a post up before the race, but I’ll certainly try.

Till then friends. Let’s do this.


15 responses to “Epic

  1. Perhaps this excerpt from an article could shed some light on what you are currently experiencing..


    Trap: Phantom Pains

    Symptoms: A totally new pain in the foot, knee, hip, back, or insert-any-body-part here that strikes for no apparent reason.

    Cause: Twinges and passing aches are all part of the body’s rejuvenation process. “During a taper, tissue repair on the microscopic level causes muscle twitches and sometimes muscle cramps as the body adapts,” says Dr. Smurawa. Also, when we run less, and worry more about our marathon, everyday aches and pains-which would normally be ignored–get exaggerated to the point of lunacy.

    Solution: Think of each phantom pain as a signal that the body is healing itself and preparing you for the marathon. Since your workouts are now shorter, spend some extra time on your favorite stretches to help relax your body. And if you like whirlpools or long baths, indulge. Also, if you’ve had massages during other parts of your training, get one this week. It will further aid the healing process.

    • Not entirely convinced that is the case…but let’s hope it is! Thanks for the link, I got some other stuff out of that as well.

      • I forgot to wish you luck!

        Your blog has been very inspirational for this first time marathoner (Nov 22nd) and vegan. I can’t wait to see the results!

  2. rock it !

  3. Scott,
    you’ve done the work, we’ve followed your blog, now it’s time to show us what you’ve got.

    When that wall comes just keep in mind that Jesus will kill a kitten for every mile you run slower than the last mile. So I say screw that, do this one for veganism and kittens.

    See you at the race. I’ll be the one with the “vegan power” sign.

    PS. No Earth Crisis on your mix?!!! Or Birthright?!!

    • For the kittens! For the cats! For the cow! and for the Rat! For innocent victims we will attack! we will attack we will attaaaaaack!

      Thanks for bringing out the sign! Love it!

      I thought about putting some EC on it, but I don’t have any of their driving stuff…more of the intellectual chug chug, which doesnt’ always translate to race pace. 🙂

      And Kurt Schroeder is in an 80’s cover band now…I can’t handle the association anymore. 😉

  4. Scott!!!! It’s here man! The time is now and I couldn’t be happier for you! You’re going to tear that race a new one my friend.

    You’ve got a lot of supporters that will be anxiously awaiting to hear the results. You can do this man, it’s simple at this point: Lace your shoes, throw on your Vegan Dandies shirt and be sure to keep the appointment you have with yourself.

    Enjoy it my friend! I wish I could be there racing with you!

    You’ll never run a hill scott. The hills will be so scared they’ll just sink to your level.

  5. Best of luck Scott!

    Stick to the plan and don’t get carried away in the early miles like I usually do. The hard work is done. Enjoy it and dig in those last few miles.

    “And I won’t… let you… neglect your fate!”

    • James79…thanks for the advice you’ve given leading up to this…I’m trying to be incredibly focused on the starting race pace to save it for the end. I’ll come back with a, hopefully posi, race report for the blog and Veganfitness.net.

      See you after Chicago.

  6. Good luck, man. It’s been an enjoyable ride on-line. Bring it.

    • Curt….I’ll be pressing the “speed button” at some point in remembrance of Red Devil glory.

      I still owe you a visit after Chicago.

  7. wowser its here already,good luck mate,as someone already said you already did the work, your body is ready to roll!i cant wait to read your post race blog, dont forget we’re out here waiting..:) and does this mean that you wont be blogging anymore??youve been my daily bout of inspiration to get out the door each evening for months, sure will miss that!!
    go kick arse!!!

    • My response is a little late Chloe…but thanks! As to your question…I will continue to blog, of course I’ll have to change the blog name…but I’ll still blog about running and upcoming races. I have some things planned for next month already. I’m glad you could get something out of all this. Keep it up!!

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