T minus 3 days

For the tribute to my sister, my mom overnighted a package that contained the t-shirt Cari wore for the ’03 Chicago Marathon she ran. This is what the back of my jersey will look like Sunday.

cari_0194cari_0195It still hurts to think how much I’ll miss her, but this gives me comfort.


I’m still holding to the strategy I referenced a couple posts back, but in the meantime I’ve developed a new strategy leading up to the race. It goes like this.

Tonight – Watch Run Fatboy Run
Tomorrow – Watch Spirit Of The Marathon

Then after that who knows what. I think that plan should secure me an easy victory don’t you think?


And we are now in full marathon mode. Today was my last day at work for the week as I requested off the next two days in preparation for Chicago. I have a relatively strenuous job and wanted to preserve any necessary energy that I can, so I took the next two days off, but I started to realize that was a good decision for other reasons as well. I’ve gotten kinda paranoid being this close to the race, fearing that any small slip up could jeapordize all the training I’ve put in up until this point. All it takes is one lunch table rolled over my foot, or a dry erase board dropped on my toe, or a bee sting on my ankle while taking out the trash. Any of those could really mess up my chances for a solid race, but beyond that lurks even more detrimental and real concerns. Flu season has hit our school big time and with the added concerns of H1N1, of which we already have 4 confirmed cases, I am readily susceptible to this illness. I’d like to think my immune system is working at full capacity right now with all my training and current rest period, but you never know how strong these strains can be. I’m pretty sure I’m in the clear, but it felt like our entire school was crawling with vomit inducing microorganisms. Just yesterday I had the pleasure of cleaning up someone’s flu induced vomit in the nurse’s station. Believe me, I scrubbed the hell out of every exposed part of my body after that. Still, I’m comforted knowing I can get sufficient rest the next two days and not be around those coughing, fever-ridden kids…just in case.

Anyways….here on out it’s mentally all marathon. I have a short run tomorrow consisting of a few quick intervals, then 2 miles the next day and 2 miles in Chicago. And that’s it. Right now, it kinda feels like Xmas and I’m a 5 year old bursting at the seams.



5 easy miles – Leg sore, but recovering more every day.


Breakfast – Oatmeal (w/ peanut butter, flax seed, walnuts, raisins, agave nectar), coffee
Lunch – Pasta w/ nutritional yeast and spices, water
Dinner – Michelle’s awesome vegan lasagna, baguette w/ garlic, water
Snacks – Coffee, water, pancake bites w/ peanut butter, bit of soy yogurt, soymilk


Bring me the horizon – Suicide Season


4 responses to “T minus 3 days

  1. Scott, after the race, I’m putting my brown rice pasta dish against yours and we’re doing a taste test. As promised, your daily kick in the arse:

    They say us vegans are too skinny
    too slow
    too starved
    too ____________
    Come October 11th, that all changes doesn’t it?!
    The only way out is THROUGH my friend. Simply run THROUGH this race.

  2. Not only use the comfort from Cari but through your hurt she will provide the strenghth you will need…….

  3. A fitting tribute to Cari from a dedicated runner to another dedicated runner. Best of luck and she will be with you.

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