Just because I’m hurtin…

Doesn’t mean I’m hurt.

And the taper officially begins….just in time.

See, I’ve had this..well…issue that won’t go away, somewhere in my thigh-ish region. It’s seemingly alive and moving about the area causing relative concern, but fortunately, not debilitating pain. It started a handful of weeks back when I put in a high mileage week (100 +) with bouts of intensity, while unwittingly suffering from a cold and ending with a body jarring trail race. Apparently this was all too much and I had sustained some sort of empty spot in my thigh that started small, but began to grow larger as the days went by. Again, fortunately, it has never been a problem and I’ve not had to stop running, but now we are far too close to the marathon for this to keep going on for my comfort.

This weekend the obvious muscle soreness in my thigh crept its way down to the bottom of my knee, which is a little more disconcerting, but the pain of which has also seemed to dissipate in the past couple of days. I’m wondering if the knee pain is due to some sort of compensation for my thigh pain. Anyways, things have gotten bad enough that my walking stride is severely compromised, noticeably even. I didn’t think it was a big deal until my dad asked me what I did to my foot when he noticed me limping up the driveway. I’m not exactly sure what I did, except put excessive strain on an already strained area of my body. I’m sure all walking through the airport due to finding my way to the wrong gate might not have helped the situation.

I even tried to do my full runs on grass only, but the pain remained. There is a relative upside to this though, the pain goes away when I start running. Sure, before and after I find myself icing my leg and doing random stretches hoping to facilitate the healing, but at least during the run, when it counts the most, I’m pretty golden.

Last night at Tuesday Night Terrors we knocked out 5 x 1 mile, all between 4:48 and 4:58 which was a great confidence builder for me, but I was worried I wouldn’t even be able to start the workout due to the state of my leg during the warmup. I REALLY don’t need this right now, but then again this is our time to taper. I just hope it’s enough.

We’ve started the final descent towards Chicago and I feel as ready as I can right now, save this whole leg deal. This week will be about 60% of my highest week, so I’ll probably put in 60 – 65 miles before ending next week around 30, maybe less depending on how my leg feels. I’m really hopeful that the decrease in mileage will allow for a full recovery and a complete lack of pain come the 11th.

Today I even skipped my run altogether to speed up the healing process. Tomorrow is the last psuedo-long run at 16 miles and Saturday is 10 miles at marathon goal pace (which is never all that easy), then it’s pretty smooth sailing I believe. Either way, my excitement is starting building with each passing day as I find myself trying to strike up conversations with other runners or runners I know who are running Chicago as well.

I’ve still got some work to put in before the big race and although healing this leg is most important right now, I plan on doing whatever is necessary to make sure I’m fully primed come 7:30 next Sunday. I’m expecting this body to respond like a fully functioning, well-oiled machine. You hear that leg?

Time to do some ice, massage, stretching…just to make sure.



Nothing today
yesterday – 3 mile warmup / 5 x 1 mile with 3 minute recovery jog in between (4:52 – 4:55 – 4:49 – 4:58 – 4:48) / 2 mile cool down


Breakfast – oatmeal (w/ peanut butter, almonds, walnuts, maple syrup), coffee
Lunch – Chili, apple, banana, water
Dinner – Stir fry w/ kale, asparagus, almonds, sunflower seeds, water, corn on the cob
Snacks – Coffee, water, edamame, scone


Ambitions – Stranger


3 responses to “Just because I’m hurtin…

  1. sounds like you may be nursing some tight ITB issues?… massage it out on a foam roller or use “the stick” if you have one of those— http://www.thestick.com/

    • Gerry! After doing some ITB research, it seems you are exactly right! Thanks man! Now I know what stretches and everything I need to do to take care of this. And yes…I have the stick. Thanks again.

  2. Keep Grinding!!!!!!

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