Pre-Chicago photo introduction

I returned this weekend to find my personal Chicago Marathon Participant Guide sitting on my desk. It looks like this.

chicago marathon_0185
chicago marathon_0184

Everyone that registers for the marathon gets one of these as it is the only way to verify your registration on the packet pickup days. The first pages all look alike….chicago marathon_0186But upon turning to the 3rd and 4th page, only a relatively small number have this. chicago marathon_0187Kinda feels like I found the golden ticket in a Wonka Bar….except there are hundreds of golden tickets. Still. This Top 100 start corral signifies that I’ve run under the Top 100 qualifying time (less than 1:11) in a 1/2 marathon the year prior. Among a number of other amenities it also means we are corralled directly behind the elite runners on the start line. The little red box is us.chicago marathon_0188Following the little red box is Seeded start A, B, and C. The rest of the street after is filled with 10’s of thousands of other runners. chicago marathon_0189The guide is to direct you regarding a number of matters, one of the most ominous being the warning system that was disasterously put into effect a couple years back when the temps soared into the upper 80’s and aid stations ran out of water. The race was cancelled over half-way in. Let’s hope these warnings are a mere formality this year.chicago marathon_0190Just in case you plan on being in Chicago in a few weeks, here is an obviously uselessly rendered map for your perusal. Come find me somewhere between mile 18 and 25 and scream your head off in my general direction as I will most likely need the added encouragement.chicago marathon_0191In case you can’t spot the Vegan Dandies logo moving down the road…here’s my bib number.chicago marathon_0192Finally, if you can’t make it to Chicago, but want to follow the action on-line, you can check out specific mile splits at chicagomarathon.comchicago marathon_0193So there you go. Your introduction to the Chicago Marathon photo essay. See you on the streets in three weeks.


One response to “Pre-Chicago photo introduction

  1. That is sweet man! One day, it would be awesome to run that race with you! I’m excited because for my next race – US Half in SF, I’ve secured my first elite seed. No where near hotels, gas, food and what not but I will enjoy special bathroom units at the starting line =)

    Big cheers from you all the way from Hawaii. I’m back up and running [literally] since last week. Driver totalled by bike =(

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