Just run

I just really don’t get the physiology of the human body and what makes it react one way or another to certain circumstances. Lately, as I’ve been the only custodian at work for the past two weeks, I’ve been on my feet all day walking up and down stairs, moving heavy items and basically wearing my quads out all day. I can really really feel it when I go out on runs. To add insult to injury I manage to bump my thigh into a railing at work and effectively give myself an invisible, but incredibly tactile bruise. I can feel it just walking throughout the day. Then on top of THAT I’m still recovering from a sinus infection that fills my head with gunk during the night and has me coughing up a thick, yellowish and gelatinous goo during the day. I cough so much my abdomen is constantly sore. Then on top of THAT (yup, there’s more), Michelle is knocked out from developing the flu (making me feel terrible for her feeling terrible) and my “sort of” son Noah has both the chicken pox and some other sort of sinus issue (“Well, I have issues too” he says).

Add all this up, throw in the development of a 90+ week during focused marathon training, and you don’t have the most ideal conditions for a strong workout. But you have to do it anyways.

So today we warm up for a 3 mile run, into a 1 mile recovery, back into a 2 mile run, into an 800 recovery, finishing with a 1 mile run. Normally I would be pretty excited for something like this, but the stated circumstances above left me with a serious lack of confidence in my abilities.

So we start into the 3 miler and just as I expected my legs feel dead and empty and I’m already dreading the race this coming weekend. Then suddenly things change and I’m moving quite strongly, going through 800 at 2:27, following that with a 4:56 pace per mile, followed by another 4:56 pace per mile, followed again by a 4:55 pace per mile. What the hell. This isn’t supposed to be happening. I feel like junk for many legitimate reasons before the run and then I go and knock out what would amount to a significant 5k PR if we completed the .1…..during a workout none the less. Seriously. We recover then go into two miles, these put down at 5:01 and 5:01 again. Followed up by an 800 recovery and back into the final mile which we bring home at 5:01 yet again.

Believe me, I’m not complaining. I’m absolutely thrilled that I’m at this level during this point of training, it’s just so confusing to predict what your body will do given the specific circumstances. Some days you feel on top of the world and run like crap, where other days you don’t even want to lace up your shoes and then put down one of your best runs yet. There’s really only one thing to take from this….if you can’t predict ideal conditions for an ideal run, you simply have to run regardless, no matter how you think you SHOULD run. The body’s ability to overcome is unreal and should never be underestimated. Just go run. Period.



3 1/2 mile warmup / 3 miles (4:56, 4:56, 4:55) / 1 mile recovery / 2 miles (5:01, 5:01) / 800 recovery / 1 mile (5:01) / 3 mile cool down


Breakfast – Oatmeal (w/ peanut butter, almonds, raisins, flax seed), coffee
Lunch – Stir fry w/ home made peanut sauce, water
Dinner – Croissants, not-dog, bad-ass salad from last night (packed to the brim with goodness), water
Snacks – Banana, coffee, soymilk, orange, clif bar, naked juice


Propaghandi – Supporting Caste


3 responses to “Just run

    keep going bro!

  2. Amen.

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