It’s late and I’m not expending the energy to come up with anything entertaining. Instead, I offer you some incredibly intimate and disgusting photos. These are every distance runner’s secret (hidden from everyone, but the most trusted of loved ones)….ugly feet. Yes, I have more hair on my feet than some of you have on your head…get over it…I’m just more in touch with my animalistic, primitive side than you are. 🙂 Anyways, if you are squeamish….click to another webpage. This is about to get ugly.

Right Foot

gross toes_0116

Left Foot

gross toes_0117

Right Foot Aerial Shot

gross toes_0120

Big Toe Callouses

gross toes_0118

Toenail separating from toe

gross toes_0119

No more toenail!!!!

gross toes_0121



Short set of fartleks – 6 x 2 on, 2 off – staying consistent, but getting rested for Columbus


Breakfast – English muffin, 1 w/ peanut butter, almonds, flax seed, agave nectar – 1 w/ cream cheese, raisins, agave nectar, coffee
Lunch – Thai Peanut Saute, avocado, water
Dinner – Smoothie, Pasta w/ nutrional yeast, brocolli, and other goodness
Snacks – Orange, coffee, water w/ emergen-C, leftovers (oatmeal, red pepper, cucumbers, chole)


Burnt By The Sun – The Perfect is the Enemy of the Good


12 responses to “Vomitorium

  1. Baby…not even that new fancy camera of mine can make those digits look good! ;o) Love you, though!

  2. My friend…I can relate. That’s all I’ll say about that one. Pair this with some nasty road rash and I think you vomit twice!

    One thing to note..I bought these compression tights called ‘skins’ and they have a recovery pant. Man, that thing works man. Check these babies out.

  3. gross dude (impressive)!
    my big toe is “pretty” too, badminton crushes it, nail keeps falling off or filling up with blood, on which the fungi feast… delicious pics soon…perhaps 🙂

  4. hahahah i also can relate,try being a girl with runners feet though!!that sucks.Im a lazy runner right now and my feet are almost pretty again:)

  5. Scott,
    As your sponsor I demand that you shave your nasty hobbit feet.

  6. I am training for my first marathon and my feet look horrendous as well. I am glad to see that it is normal.

    Love your blog. Good luck in Chicago!

    Go Vegan!

  7. The Philly Marathon.

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