A good problem to have.

I don’t run solely for exercise. I don’t run for fitness. And I certainly don’t run to lose weight. But that doesn’t stop my body from shedding pounds (ounces?) after putting in mile after mile after mile.

I’ve always been a skinny kid…really skinny. I got all the typical comments as a youngin’, “skin and bones”, “chicken legs”, etc. and I suppose there was reason for it, but it was always just a part of my biology and not some attempt to be and remain skinny. I actually began to worry as I got older and didn’t develop the muscle mass that “real men” are supposed to develop. It didn’t help when after going vegetarian I started to hear the usual comments, “That’s why you’re so skinny!” and “If you ate meat you wouldn’t be so thin.” Blah, blah, whatever.

Ultimately, I just accepted my biology for what it was and stopped worrying about my weight and strength as they never seemed to create any significant problems for me, aside from childish mockery by others. Then oddly enough, after I went vegan I actually gained weight. It might have been from eating junk during my initial college years, but regardless, I did gain some weight. Nothing excessive and nothing that ever removed me from the “skinny” category of life.

Then my son was born and I took up running….a lot. Personally, I never noticed one drop of fat burning away from my body, but after not seeing friends for a few months, they would often make comments about my losing weight. I ran into one friend at a race and he stated in a supportive dismay, “You are probably the only person I know who had a kid and actually LOST weight!” Then on vacation that summer my mother asked me if I was eating enough as I had obviously lost weight. Like I said, I didn’t see it, but everyone else did.

Then I started to notice something.

I bought a knotched belt before I started running and when I strung it through my belt loops it fit snugly on the second to last hole of the belt. I kept to this hole for awhile, but periodically dropped it to the very last hole in the morning before I had eaten breakfast. As my stomach filled with food, I would loosen it back to the other hole. Then suddenly the second to last hole went unused and I could only keep my pants up with the last hole on the belt. I was a bit taken aback. Then after pounding out more and more miles I noticed something else. My pants would not stay around my waist. I struggled with the last hole in the belt before finally throwing in the towel and took my cordless drill and put another hole further down the belt. There, much better. I then did the switcheroo routine between these two holes. The newly drilled hole in the morning before breakfast and the last hole after eating during the day. Then, unbelievably, I was only using the newly drilled hole. If I even tried to use the last hole in my belt I’d probably get a detention at work for my pants hanging below the dress code requirement. I was both surprised and pleased, knowing that I was shedding any dead weight that would take its toll and weigh me down during longer races. But it didn’t stop there. In the past few weeks I’ve noticed that I am continuously pulling my pants up at work, sometimes even checking to make sure my pants button didn’t come undone or something. But nope, I think it’s just time to drill another new hole. This is getting kind of ridiculous. And today was the final straw. I picked my jeans up off the floor and pulled them on….which is when I realized that not only was my belt still in the pants, but it was still looped closed!!

I don’t think I’ll ever feel like I have to lose weight, but I never thought that I would inadvertently lose enough weight to actually notice it! Short of drilling more holes, I think the next step is to buy skinnier pants! And I haven’t even started my consistent 100 mile weeks yet….but that’s coming soon.

Again, I don’t run to lose weight, but I suppose there could be worse problems to have eh? And come about mile 20 on October 11th, I’m sure I’ll be grateful for every non-existent pound on my body!


Log –

20 miles on Eagle Creek trails and roads. Felt pretty good considering how tired I was from this week of running and work.

Diet –

Breakfast – English muffin w/ peanut butter, coffee
Lunch – veggie burger and black bean burger, sea salt crackers w/ hummus, water
Dinner – bean salad, Not dogs, Peanut noodles, cous cous w/ brocolli, watermelon (cookout at a friends house)
Snacks – gatorade, coffee, soymilk, banana, water

Music –

Bring Me The Horizon (pandora station)
Coldplay – Parachutes


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