Cool it now

Geez…I’d love to give you all a deeply considered and intellectually stimulating post, but Michelle is sitting behind me breathing down my neck (literally!) to get off the computer and go to bed. Ok, so it’s not that dramatic, but still. Sorry to be out of touch this weekend, but the trip to Minneapolis was, well, not really the most inspiring, and couple that with a difficult to type on laptop and I decided to just skip the whole endeavor. However, I’m back now, and although my computer tried to give me an aneurysm this morning by not starting up and beeping incessantly at me, I took my baby to the Mac shop and they fixed me all up for free. I was already contemplating how I was going to keep putting up blog posts (yes, this is one of the first things I was debating) if I had no free access to the interwebs. Like I said though, all is well now. 

So Sunday was my birthday. It would have been appropriate to write something inspiring on a day as such, as I’ve been known to do in the past, but the circumstances were simply not cooperative. As some of you read, I went to visit my sister who is currently struggling with cancer. I’m still taken aback after that visit and processing the short time I had to spend with her. I apologize for not having anything to say about that right now…it might simply be too personal to convey.

However, I did manage to get my runs in on the rolling hills of the Minneapolis suburbs. 20 miles in stupid humidity on Saturday and a nice progressive 10 miles on the same hills and in the same stupid humidity on Sunday. The highlight of both of those runs being foraging apples from a tree just a couple feet off the paved trail I was running on. So far I’ve foraged mulberries, plums and apples during my runs. Good thing those apples were there Sunday because I was starting to break those last 10 miles and that boost of fruit juice was enough to push me through. Nothing tastes better than free. 

And if I didn’t mention it, Michelle bought me a brand spankin new pair of Adidas Glides for my birthday, which I picked up on the way to the airport and then effectively deflowered the next day by filling them with sweat on the 20 mile run. What better way really? And to top that off, I returned home from the computer store today to find my friend Kevin in my living room with 4 boxes of shoes filled with racing flats for me to try on and pick from. Like a kid in a candy store! Who won the lottery! Oddly enough, I tried a couple nikes, a pair of adidas and my standard saucony type a2’s, but despite all the newness stuck with my Saucony’s. They not only felt familiar to my feet, but had just the right amount of cushion to encourage me through 26.2, but minimalist enough not to feel weighted deep into the run. Well, so I’m assuming. Still…..trainers and racers for my birthday!!! Now if only I can get these Vegan Dandies jersey screenprinted we’ll be all good to go.

Ok, Michelle’s breath is starting to turn second degree. I’ll offer something a little more introspective next time. Night all.



12 miles with Michelle riding along on her bike. Started easy and picked up towards the end.


Breakfast – Oatmeal (w/ peanut butter, almonds, raisins), coffee
Lunch – Pasta w/ peanut saute and brocolli, water
Dinner – Pasta w/ peanut saute and brocolli, water
Snacks – Carrot cake b-day muffins w/ vegan cream cheese icing, cherry nirvana soy ice cream, water, coffee, soymilk


A Perfect Murder – unbroken (i can’t get enough)
Cool and the Gang –  “Cool it now” (for some reason this was in my head and I kept singing it to Michelle on our run today. It made the heat more bearable) 
Neko Case – The fox confessor


6 responses to “Cool it now

  1. Happy belated birthday mate! Glad you celebrated with some vegan cake! Sounds great too..cherry nivana..mmm…okay drooling now and need to stop.

    Let me know when you get those vegan dandies jerseys printed. I want one too!!

  2. Yo, Cool it now was by New Edition. ooooohhhhhh, watch out!

    • Oh crap…you got me on that one. I was never a big fan back then, so I just kinda lump all those types of bands together…like B2M, ABC, BBD!

  3. Hey…if curling up next to me in bed isn’t better than caressing your “baby” then I need to find some better motivational tools to use on you. ;o)

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