Time keeps slippin.

I have a deeper post I want to get up here, but the gods of time were not cooperative today and I really need to get to bed soon. So instead, this is a quick rundown of the Tuesday Terror workout. 

The clouds cleared out after a full day of a typical midwestern thunderstorm, which is to say near tornadic winds that ripped limbs from trees and caused water to spew from the bathroom toilets where I work, forcing me to add a couple extra miles of running as I dashed from bathroom to bathroom trying to clean the messes. I was prepared to run in a complete downpour, but the sun decided to split the sky just as we began our warmup run down the monon trail.

Today’s workout consisted of the following

7 miles straight through. The first mile at marathon pace, the next at 10k pace, then a continued rotation of pace for the final 5 miles. Easier said than done.

After just under 3 miles of warmup, which consisted of lots of race talk from the prior weekend and subsequent razzing, we geared up at our first mile marker and set off at various paces. Poray and I stuck together for the first couple of miles before he put a little bit of distance on me. We went through the first mile marker at 5:28 although I was going for 5:30 flat. The mile felt easy, which was encouraging after so much hard running the past few days. The next mile was at 10k pace and I held it right at 5:15, which means I’m getting a lot better at judging my own pace. The next mile, however, started a muddled mess of running as one of the 800 mile markers on the trail was missing and I wasn’t exactly sure where the mile ended, which essentially caused me to run the next 2 miles probably on the faster side of what I was intending. Instead of monitoring my pace by time, I was watching Poray to see when he picked up pace and backed off. As we made the turn at mile 4 I zeroed my watch again and started from scratch, hitting the 5:30 pace again, which still felt rather casual considering. Mile 6 marked the last 10k pace and I certainly had to push it on the second half to hit 5:15 again, but did so successfully before starting back into the last 5:30 stretch. Somehow I had lost track of mile markers though and as I started to fatigue at the end of that mile I noticed that Poray had taken off again at 10k pace, which although I was sure we were done, I assumed I had guessed wrong and just took off with him, my competitive instinct taking over. I was actually surprised how well I adapted to adding yet another mile onto the run, but fortunately just 800 yards up I saw him stop where Davis and Little were standing after finishing their repeats. Poray had simply misjudged as well and added a touch more of speed on the end. Regardless, I was satisfied with the workout and felt like I could have knocked out a couple more if our plan called for it. My streak of strength and recovery carries on.

The cool down consisted of lots of discussion about marathon pacing, most of the questions delivered by me as I try to start formulating a race plan for October 11th.

Also, we solidified race plans for August and September. August 30th will be the Columbus 1/2 marathon where we are getting free entries and on September 20th we’ll be traveling to Decatur, Illinois to run the Shoreline Classic 15k, where we are being pampered with race entries, gas money, and potential hotel rooms. Looking forward to it.

Anyways, tomorrow I’m committed to taking it very easy on a standard 10 mile run. Thursday will bring another rough day of either hills or fartleks or something else, I haven’t decided yet. Night y’all.



13 miles
2 – 3 mile warmup
7 miles rotating at marathon pace (5:30) to 10k pace (5:15)
4 mile cooldown


Breakfast – Oatmeal (w/ peanut butter, almonds, raisins, flax seed, agave nectar), coffee
Lunch – Roasted garlic and olive oil cous cous and some pasta, water
Dinner – Mushroom patty with Mushrooms and cucumbers w/ salt and pepper
Snacks – 2 clif bars, banana, coffee, water, chocolate chips


A Perfect Murder – Unbroken (such awesome, deep, pounding hardcore)
A Perfect Murder – Cease to Suffer


2 responses to “Time keeps slippin.

  1. you shouldn’t post the music you are listening to, it’s causing me to lose respect.

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