Delayed victory

Although I didn’t even place in my age group at the 10k this weekend (damn old kenyans!) I can’t help but feel like I achieved something on par with a podium placing. The week prior to the race contained some strenuous workouts that really took it out of all of us who ran those days, which compelled me to take a couple needed rest days before the actual race. Still, even with a dose of rest prior to the race, past experience has shown that my legs would be quite spent and sore after going all out for 6.2 miles. Even 5k’s have the tendency to force me to walk around the house with an old man shuffle. This weekend was different though, and in that was my victory.

Before the race I actually jogged the 2.5 miles from my house to the start area as a warmup, something I have never done before and then after the race and after the cool down, I proceeded to jog the 2.5 miles back home as well. If anything, I felt ready to run some more. This was a good sign.

Then later that day Michelle and I were invited to go on a bike ride with friends. At first I thought we were just talking casually around the downtown area or something very leisurely, but when our friends showed up there was talk of riding the entire length (and back) of our local rail trail, which I believe amounts to something like a 30+ mile ride. We managed to ride the length of the trail, at times jokingly attacking each other in all out sprints and the only suffering I had to show for it was an insatiable hunger that we took care of at our local brewpub, who offer a slew of vegan options. I had an overflowing plate of garden tacos. That night I was still devoid of fatigue or soreness.

Then came the following morning’s long run, which I wrote about two posts previous. Not only did I run a full 21 miles, but I did so with a progressive pace deep into the run. And still I felt powerful throughout the day. 

And today, although I was looking forward to an easy 10 miles in preparation for tomorrow’s workout, as the run came nearer I found myself motivated to continue my streak and run anything but a soft, recovery run. It wasn’t that I wanted to kill my ability to recover, but instead found that I HAD recovered and felt compelled to capitalize on my strength while I still have it. 

So instead of running a smooth pace all the way through, I suddenly found myself stuck in a daydream and knocking out each pair of miles faster and faster, even passing some bikes along the way. At one point a couple on bikes passed me and the guy calls out, “Almost 12 mph! You’re kickin ass man!” I thanked him as they pulled away. Today was one of those days I felt like I couldn’t be stopped or at least didn’t want to stop.

I finished the run, went through my post run rituals of stretching, shower, food, smoothie, etc. and took over toddler duties, only to find that the normal tension and tightness that accompanies a run like that still had not reared its ugly head. I’m not going to say anything has fundamentally changed at this point, but right now I simply feel strong and relatively unstoppable. The Columbus 1/2 marathon is on August 30th and I can’t wait to tear that sucker up. I can only hope this period of strength continues unabated. 

To top off a good stretch of running I went to the last grocery store in town that carries Vegan Dandies Marshmallows and brought a promotional card for them to hang in the store. They were quite excited about it and displayed it on the case right next to the product. I really should take photos of the displays, but this photo will have to do for now. This is my surrogate toddler showcasing his vegan power.











10 miles – A progression run ending near 1/2 marathon or 10k race pace


Breakfast – Oatmeal (w/ peanut butter, almonds, raisins), coffee
Lunch – Pasta w/ brocolli, chickpeas, sunflower seeds, etc.
Dinner – Roasted garlic and olive oil cous cous
Snacks – Water, coffee, Naked green juice, Almond butter cookie, 1/2 a brownie, orange, banana w/ peanut butter

Music – This is going to be a new addition to my daily logs. I can’t underestimate the power of music in relation to my running…so I feel compelled to also list the music that has been motivating me day to day. Honestly though, it’s going to be primarily metal. 🙂

Bring Me The Horizon – Suicide Season
August Burns Red – Messengers
As Blood Runs Black – Allegiance


4 responses to “Delayed victory

  1. Yes! Goodman about the music! every tuesday I have the tuesday download section in my blog where i basically shoot down all the new releases on itunes (and then secretly download them).

    Been on a watermelon craze big time man. Killed an entire one for lunch yesterday. Incidentally, if you have the time, check out Food Inc. playing in theaters. SOOOOO happy we don’t eat meat man…soooo happy. Not only happy for our bodies and health but for those animals. totally kick-ass movie.

    • I used to always post music selections and actually decided to bring it back after seeing yours….so thanks!

      I was supposed to see Food Inc. last Friday but that didn’t work out. I plan on seeing it though.

  2. I like the music addition.

    I recommend the new Death Before Dishonor album that came out last week. Great soundtrack for running to….or jumping on peoples heads to.

    • I’ll check for that Death Before Dishonor on that download site I sent you. That’s where I’ve been getting most of my hardcore lately.

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