Good / Bad

I didn’t post last night because I didn’t actually go out for my run until 9:45. I did a relatively easy 13.5 miles in the dark of night, heading towards the downtown canal to get a little visible light to work with. Unfortunately, the light shown on people I’d rather not come across during my training runs. Let me tell you, a whole ‘nother level of classy individuals walk the downtown canal during the evening hours. To clarify this point – Just a few miles into the run I pass our State Museum which backs up to the scenic canal, has an extremely opened up veranda, and is lit up like it’s perpetually 12 noon. Does that stop a couple from having a BJ session right in the middle of the veranda while anyone out for a scenic stroll (I passed probably 50 people) walks by…or runs by? Nope! Stay classy Indy. 

Anyways…on to more appetizing subjects.

I’m registering for a race this Saturday – the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra Circle the City 5k/10k. I’m certainly psyched to get back into race mode, but there are always pros and cons I find myself debating once I’ve made the decision to race. Here’s what I’ve come up with for Saturday.

Good -It’s a 10k race….I hate doing anything under that distance. The speed threshold is always nearly too much for me.
Bad – It’s a 10k race….With the marathon coming up, I find I only want to do 1/2 marathons to really get a definitive gauge on pace and distance.
– My training – With the increase in both mileage and intensity, and the last 10k I ran being a full year ago, it seems to follow that I will be far improved from the last time I ran this distance.
Bad – My training – With the increase in both mileage and intensity, there is a good chance I’ll be pretty flat come Saturday. It takes a bit to get that speed back once you beat yourself up for a handful of weeks, and I’m not sure where I’ll stand on Saturday.
Good – Prize money…It’s always nice to have cash waiting at the end of the race if you perform well.
Bad – Prize money…The race is offering 1000 dollars to anyone who runs below 29:30, which means the top runners from IN and surrounding states (rumors of kenyans coming from NY) will show up to go for the rent/food/clothes money, which means I don’t stand a chance of placing. All I can hope for is a PR and age group placing.
Good – Compeition….With the prize money dangling like a carrot to a donkey, the race will be fast. I’ll have others to hang onto for what I hope is a PR run.
Bad – Competition….see the prior bad.
Good – Music!…The symphony will be playing at the end of the race and African drummers will be playing along the course.
Bad – Actually, there’s nothing bad about drums during a race, or a symphony post-race for that matter.

In all, I’m pretty excited to put the racing flats on again and see what I can do, even if 10k’s aren’t my best distance. I’m honestly not EXPECTING a PR, but I’d sure like to try and go for one, which is why I’ve decided to take today off. I was debating doing something easy, or just long, but after Tuesday’s workout and last night’s 13.5, my legs are just gone. I certainly need the recovery time to be well rested for Saturday. I’ll probably go out for a shorter run tomorrow, just to keep things loose, but that will be it until Saturday. Expect a race report.



Yesterday – 13.5 at moderate pace…1:22. The run was easier on my legs than it was my eyes.
Today – recover


Breakfast – Hot grape nuts cereal w/ slab of margarine, soymilk, and a small dose of brown sugar, coffee
Lunch – Pasta w/ veggie sauce
Dinner – Haven’t decided yet
Snacks – Banana w/ peanut butter, orange, water, coffee


6 responses to “Good / Bad

  1. seds girlfriend

    sorry about the bj. i didn’t think you’d see us.

  2. Good luck with the race tomorrow!

    I think it is good to race on tired legs sometimes. The way I always look at it – if it doesn’t go so well…at least you know why and you get a good workout. If it goes well and you do a PB, it’s a bonus and confidence booster.

    • James – I tend to look at it the exact same way…it’s good to have an out! 🙂 I am looking at this as a replacement speed workout since I didn’t run Thursday anyways. Still…I’d prefer a PR.

  3. Good luck tomorrow mate!

    Be careful not to over-do this one. I know that’s difficult with a race but the race you want to go all out in is Chicago. Makes no sense in my opinion to stress the body and potentially injure yourself – thereby forefitting a chance to run great in Chicago – at the expense of this race.

    I did something similar to this before I did SF Bay2Breakers in May. I ran a 5k the week before at 5:21 pace and just BARELY had enough time to get rested. In retrospect, I think I ran Bay2Breakers feeling pretty shitty to be honest. I know Chicago is a ways down but just exercise moderation in this one.

    Thanks for the kind words of encouragement too man. Us vegans have little support to begin with – especially distance vegan runners.

    • Thanks man – I’m not fearing any sort of injury, especially with resting the past two days. I’m just hoping I’m not dragging TOO much.

      I’ll post a race recap tomorrow evening. I hope I have something good to write about.

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