Heard on the run

I need to get to bed for my early morning long run tomorrow, so this is going to be a short one. 

I’ve had a countless number of funny occurrences while out on runs and although these aren’t at the top of the list, here are a couple amusing happenings from the past two days.

Doing my warm up before yesterday’s hill sprints workout I ran through a few neighborhoods on the way to the hill. At one point I came up on a mom on her bike pulling her toddler daughter in an enclosed kid trailer. The little girl sees me running on the other side of the street and says, no, YELLS,

“Mommy! He has no shirt on! Mommy! He has no shirt on! See! Look Mommy! He has no shirt on! Look!”

I was mildly curious as to how the mom would react as it was obvious that her daughter was yelling loud enough for me to hear, but unfortunately she just ignored her and kept riding, probably not wanting to draw any more attention to the awkward interaction. I thought it was pretty funny anyways. I guess they don’t get a lot of shirtless folk in them there parts, which is quite a contrasting perspective as the toddler I live with takes any chance he can get to strip down and run bare-assed around the house or neighborhood, even preferring to go pee in the front yard instead of the bathroom.  

Then today I started up our rail trail, again shirtless, for an easy 10 miles when up ahead I saw a group of girls, most in their pre-teens, but also a couple older ones. I think I hear someone very faintly say,

“Is that a woman?” 

And as I get closer and closer they all of a sudden get quiet and stare at my as I come on them. All of a sudden someone busts out laughing, causing a chain reaction of laughter and I hear exclamations of,

“That’s not a woman! Hah! That’s a guy!”

Then more laughter as I keep running. Ok, so I have long hair, but damn, I wasn’t far enough away for them to not see that I wasn’t wearing a shirt. I mean really. Also, I’m trying to go for “METAL” with my head of hair, but so far I’ve only gotten “hippie” and now “woman”. Not cool man, not cool. 

Anyways, I’ve got plenty more stories like this, but it’s time to go to bed. Got a 2 hour run tomorrow.



10 miles – supposed to be easy, but I ended up pouring it on the second half. Still, I ran just over 6 minute miles. Felt super tight and sore to start the run and not much has changed as I sit here.


Breakfast – Oatmeal (w/ peanut butter, brown sugar), coffee
Lunch – A friend treated me to Eggless Egg salad (tofu w/ sauce and almonds), 2 tamales, Coffee
Dinner – Udon noodles w/ Thai peanut sauce and veggies
Snacks – coffee, water, sweet potatoes, bread, banana


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