Run Gimpy

I hate having to make a post like this. Just uttering the phrase, “I didn’t run today” makes me feel like a chump, not because I backed out of a run I should have and could have done, but simply because I’m so incredibly motivated to put in as much effort into my training as possible that it kills me to miss out on those miles. I mean, damn, I already cut my easy run short yesterday in preparation for today’s workout, and then I didn’t run today’s AT ALL. Ultimately, what I’m doing is the right thing and is better for my running in the long..well…run, but it’s still a hugely annoying and counter-intuitive process. To not run that is. 

And I didn’t run, for the record, due to a strained tendon behind my right knee. I know it was from going all out on that last mile during the workout Tuesday. I should have stretched a little more after running that hard and maybe it might have sped up the recovery process, but as it stands I really needed to take today off. I cut yesterday’s run short and all day during work I tried to convince myself that the pain had subsided enough and I just needed to warm up before it went away completely. However, after riding my bike home and sitting down at the computer, when I stood up I felt the tendon constricted and tight, sending a deep soreness into my leg as I attempted to straighten it out. There was no way I was going to be able to knock out 13 miles today, 5 of them at 5:30 or faster pace, with hills. Just not gonna happen. I KNOW it’s the right thing to do, especially if I want to get a good 20 mile run in Saturday with the Tuesday night guys, but my previous sentiments still overwhelm. 

I’m trying to make the best of the downtime though. For instance, this is what I did last night…

stir fry_0009










That’s me reading “Duel In The Sun”. You can slightly see me icing my injury in the background. Here, this is a better photo.

stir fry_0010







Yes. I am a nerd. A HUGE VEGAN NERD. I don’t ice my leg with your standard sports ice pack, no, I use stir fry vegetables…..and I force my girlfriend to take photos of it to put on my blog. *Sigh*

Anyways, I REALLY REALLY hope this heals enough for me to get out for an easy run tomorrow…but if not, it damn well better be ready by Saturday or someone is getting a time out, unfortunately that someone would be me again. Let’s hope I don’t post about this subject much (or at all) anymore.



Don’t rub it in


Breakfast – Oatmeal (w/ peanut butter, turbinado, raisins, almonds), coffee
Lunch – Leftover cous cous w/ broccoli and tofu
Dinner – Cous Cous w/ potatoes and vegetables and corn on the cob
Snacks – Coffee, Gatorade, Water, Banana, Americano, Chocolate milk


11 responses to “Run Gimpy

  1. Argh, sounds like what I had:( Kept me off running for two weeks. I’d stay well away from anything fast until it heals completely. Not worth the extra time off.

    • Ugh, don’t tell me that. It’s actually feeling pretty good tonight. We’ll see how it feels tomorrow during work though before I start to make any decisions about it.

    • Hope it is nothing serious. I agree with bruncle though and would err on the side of caution. A day or two off will not effect your fitness.

      Recently my itb / knee injury was starting to get better. One day I pushed it too far, it flared up and it has set me back another 3-4 weeks 😦

      Enjoying the blog by the way!

  2. Don’t worry if you have to miss a day or even three or four. I think tomorrow you should try and run 30 minutes and see how it feels after you get it warmed up. Getting the blood flowing to an area is a good way to promote healing.

    Also I take one day off a month and don’t worry about it. You will lose nothing by not running today or for the next few days. Keep me posted.

    I always predict my marathon fitness by taking my half time and doubling it then adding 3 minutes. At the start of my career I added five minutes and found that to be accurate.

    But everyone is different. Couple that with variables you can not control like the weather. You come down to the simple fact it is a race, just beat people and you will run fast.

    • Hey Jon, Yeah, I’m not necessarily concerned about missing a day. I know it won’t affect my fitness, I just don’t like losing my rhythm. I also don’t want to think that this might be worse than I want it to be…I think it’s allright though. Like you said, I’ll probably make sure to get out tomorrow if only to run around the block and see if it warms up a little bit.

      And yeah, it’s all those variables that also make me shy away from making any sort of focused predictions. I just go out and try to run my ass off…hoping there is someone I can hang with to pull me along. At least I know I’ll have that going for me in Chicago.

      See you Saturday (hopefully).

  3. lame, Spitz….LAME!! tendon issues… pffft! sounds to me like a case of pussyitis…
    (heh-heh… now c’mon, you knew that was coming from me after your comments earlier this week 😉

    Seriously, though, I send my wishes for a speedy recovery—I, too, am a strong advocate of the magical healing powers of frozen veggies!

    I’m really digging the blog, by the way… good stuff.


    • Haha…I totally deserve that. Well, I got out for 10 miles today in the 90 degree heat, so I can’t be that much of a wuss. The leg was good ENOUGH, thought it’s fairly sore now. I’ll be good for tomorrow though. See you at 7:30?

      Glad you are liking the blog. Thanks!

  4. Of course everyone is different but I think doubling and adding 3minutes is exceptional.

    For the super elite doubling and adding 5-6minutes is more usual e.g. Gebrselassie 58min55, 2hr3min59 = double add ~6min

    For guys at ‘our level’ doubling and adding 6-8min is more usual. Here are times of some guys I know who nailed a good marathon and their times in a half 2 to 3 months previously:
    71.31, 2.29.00
    71.37, 2.28.59
    71.39, 2.29.04
    69.37, 2.25.04
    72.52, 2.32.29

    This is useful webpage for checking marathon pb’s against other pb’s.

    This is accurate for some people too:

    • Sorry I didn’t see this comment sooner. This is awesome information…thanks so much for that. That 6 – 8 minute addition sounds close to my projected times, but ya never know! Thanks again james.

  5. Aloha Mr. Spitz,

    I’m writing you from Honolulu, HI and I’m a raw vegan endurance runner / endurance cyclist. I’ve been reading your blog and I think it’s really great that you’re doing this. If it’s tough for you as a vegan athlete, imagine what it’s like for me as a raw vegan. And to think , I’m on an island so there’s no ‘escape’!!

    I began running 5 months ago when I first went raw and the results have been rather incredible. I’m going to run my first half marathon July 26th and want to get a sub 1:18 time. Any tips on pre-race strategy, etc you can offer?

    Aloha, Alex

    • Alex, Aloha,

      You are probably only the second person I’ve ever been in contact with from Hawaii…for what that’s worth. Regardless, awesome for you that you are raw vegan. Surely you’ve come across the site? A friend of mine just turned me on to it…it seems pretty thorough.

      1:18 for a first 1/2 is an awesome goal. You must have a good base of fitness and endurance. As far as pre-race strategy….start slow. I’ve run too many races where my first mile was 5:05, 5:10 or something like that…and I would just die towards the end. The race I ran a 5:23 first mile, I hit my PR by a full minute…and ran 5:23’s the rest of the race. Without more details, that’s about all I can offer you right now. Good luck and let me know how it goes!


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