What it takes

To a lot of non-runners I come in contact with, when hearing of some of my race performances or simply the miles I log on a weekly basis, they often respond drop-jawed with something like, “Man, that’s so fast! How do you do that?” Being rather shy about my running abilities, and more so humble knowing where I stack up against countless others who are ridiculously faster than me, I make some casual remark like ,”I just run.” or “I don’t know..good genes I guess.” 

Then there are those who say, “I wish I could run like that!” and trying to be supportive and encouraging I respond, “You can, it just takes time and work.” And this…this is very true. I know this, because I started a mileage log to keep track of when it is time to get a new pair of running shoes, which is around every 500 miles. Recently, I have been pulling out my worn soft and severely tattered log that I have updated religiously since I first started it on 3-10-08, and honestly, I can’t help but laugh in disbelief when I look at the lines crammed with runs day after day. It’s really quite incredible to think about how long I have spent running in the last two years.

So yeah, among a number of other variables (time, good genes, mental strength, etc.) you really can run fast if you put the work and effort into it. Actually…here…this is part of what it takes looks like….

running log_0005running log_0006running log_0007running log_0008And now, with the marathon in October, we are going to REALLY start logging some miles.



Tuesday night workout! – 4 mile warmup. 1 mile fast – 5:00 flat. 1 mile easy. 2 consecutive miles fast – 5:03, 5:06. 1 mile easy. 1 mile fast – 4:48. 2 mile cool down. 12 miles total


Breakfast – 1 1/2 english muffins with tofutti cream cheese and jelly, coffee
Lunch – Black beans and corn,  Peanut Butter and Jelly on whole wheat
Dinner – Spicy vegetarian chili (w/ TVP), Mashed sweet potatoes with margarine and brown sugar
Snacks – Coffee, water, gatorade, ABC Cookie, Chocolate Brownie Clif Bar, Some health cracker w/ peanut butter



I was corrected at the beginning of our run today that in one of my earlier posts I mistakenly listed some of the guys as 4:45 5k’ers when in fact there are a handful of them that run significantly faster than 4:45 per mile. I apologize for the misleading times…I didn’t mean to insult anyone’s egos. 😉


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