“Well..uhh..I’m a shoe ho”

Competitive runners are shoe hos. It’s inevitable, whether you want to be one or not. First you start off with training shoes, then after a handful of successful races you realize you need a pair of race specific shoes, then after wearing out your trainers those become street shoes, then after getting bored with road races you buy a pair of trail shoes to do off-road races, and finally you need a brand new pair in the wings for when your trainers wear out. Hence…shoe ho. 

Case in point….my shoe closet. 









Those black shoes on the left are Saucony Sinisters that are now my street shoes. Don’t EVER get these shoes…for anything. They are terrible. Next up are my flashy, bright red racing specific Saucony Type A’s. I have a strong attachment to this pair due to all the successes I’ve had in them. On top of those are my current training shoes, Saucony Rides. After pinning the tounge to the side and cutting a hole just behind my big toe, everything works out just fine…but i’m nearing the 500 mile mark on these, where I’ll be retiring these bad boys. Moving down the line are my Saucony Xodus trail running shoes, which I bought for the DINO trail series I’m currently in the middle of. They certainly do the job well. Finally we have a brand spankin new pair of Adidas Glides, a switch in brands for the first time in…well, since I started running seriously. We’ll see how a new brand feels for dedicated marathon training. 

And honestly, I think my current collection is significantly less than a lot of runners I know. Still…shoe ho.

And finally…the spoils of long distance running. Guilt free indulgence.

ice cream_0001










12 miles total – 10 miles at just above 5:30 pace before blowing up and trotting the last two home. I wasn’t intending to push it today, but made up my mind while on the run. Tomorrow will be a very easy 10 to recover for a Tuesday evening workout.


Breakfast – Oatmeal (with raisins, turbinado, peanut butter, almonds) / 2 cups coffee
Lunch – Couple pieces of leftover pizza / corn chips with Teese “cheese” melted for sauce
Snacks – (throughout the day) vegan Jerquee / coconut water / coffee with soymilk / post run smoothie
Dinner – Madras Sambar (lentils w/ vegetables) and rice / more corn chips
Dessert – Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Temptation soy ice cream


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